As an external SecuriSync user you will receive a sharing notification. To view the files, you'll be asked to create a free account. Your password must be at least 12 characters long.

Important: It is crucial to complete the sign-up. If the sign-up is not completed, you would not be able to access SecuriSync files.

Sign up

Once the account is created, you can access it anytime via the web page.

With SecuriSync you can:

Manage files

You can collaborate on shared data and upload personal files. If you'd like a person who shared a folder with you to see your files, upload them to the shared folder. All files and folders outside of the shared folder will only be visible for you. As an external user, you cannot share files.

Manage files

Install SecuriSync for Windows and Mac

You can back up and synchronize your computer data using SecuriSync for Windows or Mac. To do so, navigate to Help & Download > Downloads. Depending on the OS you use, download either a Windows or Mac desktop client.


Read more about SecuriSync client installation process in our Knowledge Base:

SecuriSync®: Windows Client Installation

SecuriSync®: Mac Client Installation

Connect your mobile devices to SecuriSync

You can synchronize your files with mobile devices. To download mobile apps, search for SecuriSync in the app store on your mobile device. Or, use the links in the web client under Help & Download > Downloads.

Connect devices

Read more about SecuriSync on mobile devices in our Knowledge Base:

SecuriSync® Mobile For iOS Devices

SecuriSync® Mobile For Android / BlackBerry 10 Devices

SecuriSync® Mobile For Windows Phone Devices

Reset your password

There are the following ways to reset your password from SecuriSync:

  1. Contact your SecuriSync administrator.
  2. Log into My services page and click  Reset Password.
  3. Use the Forgot password? feature on the login page. 

Note: the Forgot password? feature will work ONLY if you have previously specified your alternative email address and/or the phone number.

Find who shares a folder with you

To find who shares a folder with you, find the folder in web panel and click on you.

Find shares