Important: Linksys 'EA' series routers are marked as incompatible routers, due to lack of proper priority settings and DNS proxy issues.

Known Issues

  1. Many firmware versions in these router series cause intermittent phone registration failures, which causes Polycom phones to be unable to register and make/receive calls. 
    • This caused only 1 phone not to register on customers' accounts. 
    • It may affect 1 or more phones at a time. 
    • Updating the firmware to the latest firmware version resolves the issue.
  2. SIP ALG is disabled by default, but if it was enabled, it needs to be disabled.
  3. Response to WAN pings is disabled by default on these routers, which needs to be enabled for call quality monitoring and troubleshooting purposes.
  4. Polycom phones need the Primary & Secondary DNS set to Google's DNS or another set of efficient DNS servers if your ISP’s DNS server are not responsive enough. This prevents DNS lookup timeouts that cause Polycom phones to intermittently lose registration.
  5. As a security feature, some of these routers require using a Setup CD or an Initial Setup Website Wizard before they will route internet traffic.  If you need help setting up the router, you will need to contact Linksys or your IT for help.


This device MUST be replaced with a compatible router.

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