This article overviews one of the SecuriSync backup policies - Folder Selection. As an administrator of your account, you can select which users' folders to back up in real-time and create an account-wide policy for it. Depending on the type of the desktop, different folder selection settings are applied.

There are two types of desktops you can designate for users:

Users are prompted to choose a type of the desktop during the SecuriSync client installation process. It can be changed through HostPilot® Control Panel > Services > SecuriSync > Devices > change the device type next to the user's display name.

Read our Knowledge Base article for more information on the SecuriSync installation process on Windows and Mac.

Corporate desktop policy

As an account administrator, you can create a policy that will be pushed down to all corporate desktop devices. Admin can select which folder should be synced on end-users machines. To chose them, navigate to Services > SecuriSync > Policies > Backup policy > Folder Selection.

By default, only My SecuriSync folder is selected. Folders that can also be backed up on the users' corporate desktops:

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Downloads
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Videos

If the policy is changed, all changes would be applied to all devices (both on Windows and MAC clients). When the policy is adjusted, the end-users will receive a pop-up with a notification.

To manage Notifications for Backup policies read Knowledge Base article on Backup Status Monitoring (for Admins)

If you need to vary the backup policy per-user or let users tune their own backup policy, switch the User override policy on. This will allow the folder selection policy to be changed on the user’s SecuriSync client.   By turning the policy off, you enforce an account-wide policy which cannot be changed from their local client.  This approach ensures that all users on the account have a consistent backup policy for their corporate device.

Personal desktop policy

A personal desktop policy only backs up My SecuriSync folder. The personal desktop policy is also automatically applied to desktops belonging to External users.

Note: When the device type is modified, it may take up to 15 minutes to push the change to the client. In case the device type of an external user is changed to corporate, all devices will stay personal. The corporate policy will not be applied.