This article describes how to send emails as a Distribution List.

Important: Only Exchange mailboxes can Send As Distribution Lists.

To grant a user Send As permissions:

  1. Log in to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel, navigate to Services > Distribution Lists
  2. Select Distribution List and click Send As
  3. Choose a user in question and click Grant Send As Permissions button

Note: after the permissions are granted in the HostPilot, it can take up to 2 hours to propagate the changes

To send emails as a Distribution List:

In Outlook:

  1. Compose a New Email. Click the From field and select Other email address.
    : If you do not see the From field, navigate to Options and select From in the section Show fields.
  2. Select the Distribution List address from the Global Address List.
  3. Send the email.

In OWA 2013/2016/2019:

  1. Compose a New Email. Click on Show From option.
  2. Click on your own email address, it will get selected, and press Delete keyboard button.

    Note: You may need to Right-Click the email address and choose Remove option.

  3. Type in the Distribution List address manually in From field and send a test email.
  4. Next time you want to send a message using another address it will be available for selection in the drop-down for From field.