Bria is a popular softphone application developed by Counterpath available for both PC & Mac, as well as Android and iPhone platforms.  This softphone can be provisioned to your Intermedia Unite Voice Services  account and will work with the same features and services that hardware devices can use.

Configuring a device on HostPilot

  1. Access the HostPilot and navigate to Voice Services.
  2. Click on Devices from the side-bar.
  3. Click on +Setup your own device.
  4. Select the Other option from the list of device types.
  5. Give the Bria device a name (fill in Brand and Model fields) and e911 info for the phone and assign a user, then click Add device

Configuring Bria to use SIP credentials

  1. Add a new Bria SIP account
  2. Under the Account tab, enter a memorable Account name like Extension 124 - Jeff Magnum
  3. In CONTROL PANEL, navigate to Devices and then find your Bria softphone device. Click on the Line keys tab. Click the Key icon associated with Button #1 to view your SIP credentials. 
  4. Write these down:
    • Login: ########
    • Password: XXXXXXXXXX
    • Server:
    • Port: 5060
  5. Under the Account tab in Bria, enter this info under User Details.
    • User ID = Login From HostPilot
    • Domain = Server From HostPilot
    • Password = Password From HostPilot
  6. Make sure Register with domain and receive calls is checked.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Your Bria softphone should register and be ready for use!