The article describes how to manage Admin quarantine area in HostPilot.

The following sections are available in Admin quarantine:

Admin Quarantine

As an account administrator, you can access Admin email quarantine area by logging into HostPilot > Services > Email Protection > Settings > Admin quarantine. It will redirect you to the Admin portal where you can manage quarantined emails that were not sent to the end-users. 

The admin can use the search to find an email.

Note: Messages are stored in Admin quarantine for 7 days.

There are five types of the quarantined emails which are highlighted with different colors:

  • Spam
  • Virus
  • Phishing
  • Marketing
  • Dangerous attachment

In Admin email quarantine area, you can view emails as a List or a Grid.

When viewing emails as a List, you can select multiple emails or Select all and release the emails using Release selected option.

In a Grid view, you can either View a message or Allow it.

By clicking Allow, the email can be:

  • Send to user's Inbox - the email will be moved to the Inbox folder of the actual recipient
  • Send to another person in your company - the email will be sent to any provided email address.

A quarantined email can be sent to all two addresses. The processed status shows what option was applied to the message the last time.

If you wish to release a virus message, the following warning will come up to make you aware of the possible risk:

Select Don't Send to cancel releasing a message.


The admin can set up a specific Timezone for Admin quarantine. To do that: in Admin Quarantine area navigate to Settings > Select time.