The article describes how to manage User quarantine area in HostPilot.

Access User quarantine area

To access User quarantine, navigate to HostPilot > Services > Email Protection > Settings > User quarantine:

You will be redirected to a separate web app.

Note: you can log in only to 1 user Quarantine Area at a time.

To log in to a specific user Quarantine Area, you can do the following:

  • find the user's email address from the list:

  • type at least 4 characters of the user's email address and click on the email address:View user quarantine

Note: the user will appear in the list only if they have at least 1 quarantined email.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Email Protection: User Quarantine (End-User Guide) for more information on how to manage User quarantine.

To log in to another user Quarantine Area, click on Search for another user and repeat the process:

Search for another user

Note: you may receive an error message No quarantine area found when searching for it in the user quarantine. It indicates that either there is a typo in the email address or the user has not received any messages into its quarantine yet.

Manage User Quarantine Settings

The following functionality is available in User quarantine area:

Quarantined emails

To see the list of the quarantined emails in User Quarantine navigate to the Quarantined emails section. There you can:

  • View to check the email content
  • Allow to send the email to user's mailbox
  • Allways allow to add the sender to the whitelist
  • Block to block the sender
  • Delete to remote the email from quarantine

Safe and Blocked senders

To see and manage the list of Safe and Blocked senders, in the User Quarantine area, navigate to Safe and Blocked senders.

You can download Safe/Blocked list in .TXT format 

And upload the Safe/Blocked list .CSV file. Once the file is uploaded you would need to select Merge with my safe/blocked sender list or Overwrite my blocked sender list options:


Quarantine settings

Under Quarantine settings, you can customize the time zone settings for the User quarantine. To do that, in User quarantine area go to Settings and select the Timezone:

Quarantine email notification settings

  • Quarantined email reports:

You can choose the days when the end-user will receive the quarantined email report. To manage that setting, in User Quarantine area navigate to Settings > Quarantined email notification settings > Select the day(s) you would like to receive your quarantined email report:

The Admin can set the intervals between reports or set a timeframe to receive email notifications:

You can select which quarantined emails are included in the report:

  • Only email added to my quarantine since my last report
  • All quarantined emails in my quarantined area

You can control the number of the quarantine emails included into Quarantine Report:

  • Quarantined email summary

Also, it is possible to manage the Weekly Quarantine Summary. You can select which day of the week the quarantined email summary is delivered to the user and manage the delivery frequency by choosing between weekly or monthly delivery:

Email Aliases

You can see the list of Email aliases associated with user's mailbox. To check that in User Quarantine area, log in to a specific user Quarantine Area and navigate to Email Aliases:

Admin Settings

Alternative delivery addresses

The end users quarantine reports and summary can be redirected to a custom email address. To set up the forwarding navigate to the User quarantine area > Find the user > Admin Settings > Add an alternate delivery email address > specify the address > Add:

Important: alternate address can only be an address from the organization.

Note: if any alternate delivery email address is specified, the quarantine reports will be sent to the alternate email address, not to the user.

Important: if admin wants to send quarantine reports to the user and alternate email address, both of the addresses (the default one and the alternate should be added).

Quarantine email notifications

Admin can either turn on or turn off the quarantine email delivery for the user. To enable/disable the quarantine report delivery for a user: In the User quarantine area > Find the user > Admin Settings. Quarantine email notifications. There you can either turn on/off the following options:

  • Deliver the daily quarantined email report
  • Deliver the weekly quarantined email report

Note: the end user would not know if the admin has disabled the quarantine email delivery.