This article describes how you can assign and manage devices on the Intermedia Unite platform.


Why do I need to assign a device?

The device should be assigned to a user or resource prior to connecting it to your network to ensure that the device can be configured and will function properly.  If the device is connected to the network before it is assigned, the device must be rebooted after the assignment. 

A device must be assigned to a user or resource before that device can be fully managed in Intermedia Unite and before it can place and receive calls.  Some configuration options for the device will not appear in HostPilot until the device has been assigned.

Important: each user should have no more than 5 devices assigned, including Intermedia Unite Desktop and Mobile applications. If there are more, it will cause registration and other issues.


Assigning Intermedia supplied devices

Note:  These instructions are for Intermedia supplied devices.  If you need to assign your own VoIP hardware, please see the following article: Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP)

To assign a device ordered from Intermedia to a user, follow the steps below:

            1. Go to Services > Unite > Devices > click on the name of the device you want to assign (matching MAC / Serial Number of the device)

            2. On the General tab, select the Assign user & edit e-911 location link.
            3. Select the user the devices will be assigned to
            4. Verify the address information which will be provided to emergency services for calls from this device. Update address information as needed. (Please see Emergency 911 Policy And Information for more information)
            5. Be sure to check the I have read and understood the 911 Policy and limitations box
            6. Click Assign User button to complete the device assignment

    To assign a device ordered from Intermedia to a resource (Resource or Fax resource), follow the steps below:

              1. Navigate to Services > Unite Resources & Utilities > click on the Resource or Fax Resource name.

                2. Select the Devices tab, and click the Assign new button.

                3. Select any available device from the Device drop-down.
                4. Ensure the E911 address for the device is current and correct.
                5. Be sure to check the I have read and understood the 911 Policy and limitations box
                6. Click Assign device

        Managing existing devices

        Time Zones

        In order to adjust the time zone for the device, follow the steps below:

        1. Go to Services > Unite > Devices;
        2. Select the device you would like to manage;
        3. Find the Time zone section under the General tab;
        4. Select the desired time zone;
        5. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

        Note: timezone configuration is unique for each phone and it will disrespect the timezone settings specified under User settings.


        In order to change the codecs priority:

        1. Go to Services > Unite > Devices;
        2. Select the device you would like to manage;
        3. Find the Audio section under the General tab

        Here you can also manage audio security. Available options are No Encryption, TLS, and if there is a need to enable SRTP together with TLS for maintaining full compliance with a Secure SIP solution, Secure Voice:

        To enable Secure SIP (SRTP together with TLS) for all devices on the account, go to Settings > General > Check the Secure SIP option.



        Display section suggests options to modify the phone's display.  The phone screen can include 1-3 lines of information. The system will allow you to select one of the following options for each line: Username, company, text, extension, phone number.

        The display settings can be adjusted here:

        1. Go to Services > Unite > Devices;
        2. Select the device you would like to manage;
        3. Find the Display section under the General tab.

        Line Keys and Expansion Panels

        Article Managing Device Line Keys describes how to adjust the Line Keys and Extension Panels configuration.