Activate existing devices allows you to create new device profiles to provision your previously owned VoIP hardware, your Intermedia Unite service.

If you are bringing phones with you from a previous provider, you must check if your phones are Supported with Enhanced BYOP automatic provisioning, or Unsupported using Anyphone BYOP provisioning, requiring manual efforts to configure.  You can read more about the the BYOP methods and find which phones are supported in this article: Support / Unsupported Devices

To activate an existing device and add it to your Voice Services account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Services > Voice Services > Devices tab, and click Setup your own Device.

  2. Choose the Brand and Model of the device, and enter its MAC address.

  3. Scroll down to the location information and choose a User for the device; this will pre-fill the location info with the User's assigned location.  Ensure the address is current to their location.

  4. Check the box to confirm you have read and understood the 911 Policy and limitations and click Add device.

If you added a Enhanced BYOP Supported Device, you can now enter the provisioning URL to the phone to start the provisioning process. Detailed instructions for supported devices:

Unsupported Devices can be provisioned manually by entering SIP credentials to the phone.  Review your device's user manual for instructions on how to provision your device. 

To obtain the SIP credentials:

  1. Navigate to Voice Services > Devices tab and click on the newly created device in the list.
  2. Click the Line keys tab, then click on the key icon to the right of the button #1.  

You will get SIP credentials to set up your phone.

Note: you may create additional buttons for device by clicking on New button. Each button will have it's own credentials.