How to change MAC address of the phone 

To change MAC address go to Voice Services Devices > click on device > under General tab enter new information in the MAC address field > Save changes.

Note: you will need to provision new phone.

How to change phone model

To change phone model you need to add new device and assign it to user. Then cancel previous device or or re-assign it to another user. 

How to re-assign device to a different user

Go to Voice Services > Devices > click on device > under Settings click on Change user & edit 911 location

In new window:

  • Select new user's name from drop down
  • Check I have read and understood the 911 Policy and limitations
  • Click Assign user

How to access web interface of the phone

  1. Under Web interface tab click on Get credentials link to obtain Login and Password.

  2. Obtain phone's IP address by pressing buttons on the phone:
    Cisco phones: press the Settings button (this button looks like a piece of paper with a folded corner) > Network > Current IP.
    Yealink desk phones: Menu > Status > check IPv4
    Polycom IP series: Menu > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters
    Polycom VVX series: Home > Settings > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters

  3. In your browser in address field open an IP address of the phone.

Note: Please be advised that the custom credentials will enable advanced configuration of your devices. Modifications made to some fields may leave the device in an inoperable state. Please do not make any changes that you are not fully aware of

All changes you made with Device control panel could be reset. All Host Pilot settings would be saved in this case and the device will be rebooted. If you want to revert changes back check 'I want to reset all settings I made with Device control panel'.

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