Pickup groups are a way to associate multiple Users together and allow them to answer calls ringing to other member devices.

When a call is ringing at a device, any of the Pickup group's members are able to dial the pickup code, followed by the group extension number, to immediately answer the call.  If there are multiple incoming calls, the call with the longest current ring time will be answered first.

To create a call pickup group:

  1. Login to the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > UniteGroupsCreate group.
  2. Select Call pickup group and click Proceed.
  3. Enter a Name and extension.
  4. Click on Create pickup group.


To add members to the group navigate to the Members tab and click on Add new agent. Select users from the list and click Add.


Any member of that group can pickup a call by pressing *97 and extension of Pickup Group you just created.

In addition to Pickup groups, you can use our Directed Call Pickup to allow agents to answer calls to devices across the account.