Suggested Account Setup Process

While you may begin the account setup process on one of many different steps, we recommend the following sequence in order to take advantage of hardware discounts.

General steps for setting up your Intermedia Unite service:

  1. Add Locations for your other offices, to assign to users and devices.
  2. Add Phone numbers for your account and assign phone numbers to users. You may assign one or more phone numbers to one user; you may also assign their phone numbers to Hunt Groups and Auto Attendant.
  3. Port your phone numbers to Intermedia from your current provider.
  4. Add Users (create users and enable Voice Services for them). 
  5. Order new phones or add existing phones.
  6. Set up your Auto Attendant or create additional attendants for another offices.
  7. Add Groups to the account:
  8. Manage Devices (assign hardware to Users or change Device information). 
  9. Add Resources & Utilities as desired:

Additional configuration options:

After the general setup is complete, you can explore the Intermedia Unite service using HostPilot to familiarize yourself with the interface and controls.  You can configure additional settings through the Voice Services platform.