This KB article provides general setup instructions about the following Intermedia Unite services:

Unite setup instruction

Note: While you may begin the account setup process on one of many different steps, we recommend the following sequence in order to take advantage of hardware rebates.

  1. Create Locations (KBVideo) for your other offices, to assign to users and devices.
  2. Order new phone numbers (KBVideo) or Transfer existing phone numbers from your current provider.
  3. Purchase Intermedia Unite Subscriptions
  4. Create & Activate Users  (KB / Video
  5. Order new hardware (KB / Video)  or add existing hardware (Enhanced BYOP).
  6. Set up your Auto Attendant  (KB / Video)  or create additional attendants for other offices.
  7. Create Groups:
  8. Manage Devices (KB / Video) to assign hardware to Users or change Device information.  
  9. Create Resources & Utilities:

After the general setup is complete, you can explore the Intermedia Unite service using HostPilot to familiarize yourself with the interface and controls.  You can configure additional settings through the Voice Services platform.

Intermedia Unite also provides Desktop App, which includes essential features for easy and effective communication.

SecuriSync setup instructions

SecuriSync is a cloud backup solution that allows to back up data, protect it from viruses and loss, share and collaborate on files with colleagues and external parties.

Intermedia AnyMeeting setup instructions

As a perfect solution for Video conferencing, Intermedia Unite includes Intermedia AnyMeeting app, which makes it easy to manage your meetings or review the details of past meetings.