When callers are put on hold, music is played over the phone while they are waiting. You can upload your own music file to play, or several music files to rotate. If you do not upload your own files, callers will hear the music that is set by default.

If multiple files are uploaded, they are played in the order that they are listed on the Music On Hold page. If there is only one file, it is played repeatedly.

When choosing files to upload, be aware that you are responsible for following copyright regulations and the Intermedia Acceptable Use Policy.

Note: if you have deleted the default music on hold and would like to restore it you may download the file from here: Default Sounds.



Music File Specifications

Music files can be either OGG or WAV format, and each file must be under 16 MB in size.

There are some required specifications that your audio file must meet:

  • Mono audio
  • .WAV or .OGG file extension, u-Law
  • 64kbits/s
  • 8000Hz sample rate

If you are trying to record audio yourself, the easiest way to record a greeting in the desired format is to use one of the 3rd-party sound recorders like Audacity which do support the above format.



Managing Music-on-hold

To set up music-on-hold:

  1. Navigate to Services > Voice Services > Settings and click the  Music On Hold tab.
  2. In the Upload File box, click Browse to find the OGG or WAV file, or type the location of the file.
  3. Read the agreement under the box, and click Agree & Upload.
    The file is added to the list of music files.
  4. If you have multiple files listed, you can adjust the order they will be played in. Click and hold the hold music you want to arrange to move them up or down in the list.
  5. To remove a file from the list, check the box next to the music you want to delete and click on the red Delete button.

To set up Music on Hold for a Hunt Group:

  1. Navigate to Voice Services > Groups tab, and click on the Hunt Group you wish to modify.

  2. Go to Greetings > Music on Hold > choose an existing file or upload a new one.