Overview of the Hosted Exchange to Office 365 Onboarding process

This overview outlines the Onboarding process and who is responsible for each part. There may be some variation in your migration due to the variety of Intermedia and Office 365 plans. Our Cloud Concierge team will ensure that the correct Office 365 migration plan is put in place to meet your needs for a smooth transition. 

Onboarding Overview


  1. CUSTOMER: Contact Intermedia Sales Department to discuss the terms of account creation, decide on the Microsoft licenses options and choose Intermedia add-ons for Office 365 if needed. 
  2. EVERYONE: Once the first step is completed and the terms are agreed upon, an Intermedia representative will contact you to discuss your migration and put an Office 365 migration plan in place based on your specific needs.
  3. CUSTOMER: Provide necessary information on your existing Microsoft tenant account or create a new tenant account through Intermedia if it has not been done yet. Choose potential cutover date.
  4. CUSTOMER: Go through the domain verification process in the Office 365 Control Panel.
    Microsoft requires every Office 365 domain to be verified through the Office 365 Control PanelRead the Microsoft Knowledge Base article on Verify your Office 365 domain to prove ownership, nonprofit or education status, or to activate Yammer for more information.
    Note: there is no need to change the MX records at this point yet.
  5. Intermedia: Connects to your current Hosted Exchange server, exports Global Address List and creates Exchange mailboxes with aliases (up to 5) and Distribution Groups with members.
  6. CUSTOMER: Verify that your Office 365 objects have been created correctly. At this time you should also confirm the cutover date when you switch your end users to connect to the new account.

  7. Intermedia: Your mailbox data will be copied from your existing Exchange mailboxes and imported into your Office 365 account. 
  8. CUSTOMER: Verify that the mailbox data has been copied correctly to the new account. Once you have verified that the data had been copied correctly the migration will proceed.
  9. CUSTOMER: Install an Outlook Assistant application to help prepare Outlook for the cutover to the new Office 365 mailboxes.
    Note: the Outlook Assistant can be downloaded on Windows XP SP3, Vista, Win7, and Win8 only, Mac clients are not supported. The Outlook Assistant works with Outlook 2007+, 32-bit and 64-bit.

  10. Intermedia: Make sure that you have your new MX records information to get ready for the pre-defined cutover time.
  11. EVERYONE: Cut over to the new account. 
    1. Intermedia:  Confirms that you are ready to proceed to the final cutover.
      Note: if you are using third-party filtering solution and would like to continue using it after cutover, you need to change the forwarding from filtering solution to the new Office 365 MX records at this point.
    2. CUSTOMER: Update MX records so they start pointing to Office 365. Add all appropriate DNS records such as an Autodiscover and SPF record for your domain. 
    3. CUSTOMER: Finish configuring your Outlook clients and other devices to connect to the new server using the Outlook Assistant.
  12. Intermedia: Intermedia will copy a differential of mailbox data from your current Hosted Exchange server to capture any new mail since the initial copy.
  13. CUSTOMER: Verify that the data has been copied correctly. Once you have verified the data has been copied correctly, the final migration will proceed.
  14. EVERYONE: Intermedia migration team will work with you until the migration is 100% complete.