Admins may change general settiings for Voice Services on any user while logged into HostPilot.

Managing general settings for a Voice Services User

To access a user's general voice services settings:

  1. Once logged into HostPilot, navigate to the Users tab.
  2. Click on a user's name
  3. Click the Hosted PBX tab to access the settings window.

You may:

  1. Change user's extension.
  2. Assign / remove phone numbers.
  3. Change timeout settings and set Find me Follow me
  4. Change location for a user.
  5. Change timezone for a user.
  6. Set or block Outbound caller ID.

Voicemail options

You may:

  1. Set email address(es) for email notifications.
  2. Specify voicemail notification settings.
  3. Listen to voicemail greeting and upload a custom greeting.
  4. Enable voicemail transcription.