The following instructions are intended for account administrators. Admins may change Voice Services settings for any user while logged into HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.

Note: Intermedia Unite users can view or change their settings in My Services, depending on their permissions. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I View or Change My Personal Phone Settings? for more information. 

To manage Unite settings for a user, navigate to Services > Unite > Users and click on the display name of the user in question.

Changing user login

To change the email address that is used to log in to Intermedia Unite  and My Services , go to the User Info tab, click on the current email address, type in the new email address and Save Changes.

Changing user login

If you would like to create or delete Intermedia Unite users, read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Create And Manage Intermedia Unite Users? for more information.

Managing general settings for a Voice Services User

To access a user's general voice services settings, navigate to Unite > General.

You may:

  • change the user's extension. 
    The detailed instructions can be found in the following Knowledge Base article: Intermedia Unite: How To Manage Extension Numbers
  • swap the primary phone number, as well as assign or remove additional phone numbers.
    the primary number can be swapped for an available number. If you would like one of the additional numbers that are currently assigned to become the primary number, you would want to unassign it first. To make an additional number available for swapping, click on the red X button next to the number in question. You can also add a new number to the account instead.
    Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Manage Phone Numbers for more information.
  • change call timeout settings.
  • select a different location for the user.
  • update the user's timezone.
  • disable Voice Services for the user.

General settings

Caller ID

To update outbound caller ID for the selected user, navigate to the Caller ID tab. You can select the user's number or any other number on the account to be displayed for outbound calls. There is also an option to block outbound caller ID.

Caller ID

Find me follow me forwarding

To set up Find me follow me forwarding or disable it, go to the Fm Fm tab. 


The detailed instructions and more information can be found in the following Knowledge Base article: How Do I Set Up Find Me, Follow Me (Forward Calls To Another Number) On Intermedia Unite?

Call recording settings

To manage call recording settings, navigate to the Call recording tab.

If call recording is disabled on the account, you would want enable it first to have access to the individual settings for the selected user.

Note: call recording can be enabled only by the account owner.


If call recording is already enabled, you can:

  • change the call recording type. If on demand is selected, the user will press #9 to start recording. You can also choose to automatically record inbound or outbound calls only, as well as all calls.
    Note: to disable call recording for this particular user, select Disabled and Save changes.
  • increase or decrease the number of days after which to permanently delete call recording files for this user. If you uncheck the box for Auto-delete, call recordings will not be deleted automatically.
  • update the email address used for notifications or add another address. If you uncheck the box for Recording notifications, they will not be sent.


Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Use Call Recording With Intermedia Unite for more information.

Voicemail settings

Navigate to the Voicemail tab to:

  • listen to the current greeting or upload a new voicemail greeting file. Supported audio formats include .wav, .mp3 and .ogg. File size should not exceed 16 MB. 
    Note: to record a new greeting by phone, the user would want to dial their extension from their desk phone, enter their PIN when prompted, then press 3 for personal options and 1 to record a greeting. They can also call their direct number from a remote line, press # when the current greeting starts playing and follow the prompts.
    Alternatively, voicemail greetings can be recorded via Intermedia Unite Mobile App. The detailed instructions can be found in the following Knowledge Base article: Intermedia Unite Mobile App: Record Voicemail Greeting
  • reset the PIN.
    Note: admins do not have to know the current PIN to be able to reset it.
  • set up or update the Operator number. The operator number feature allows a caller to touch 0 to reach a live person after being routed to the user's voicemail box. You can select one of the extensions on the account or an external number.
    Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite: Operator Feature for more information.
  • adjust voicemail autodeletion settings. To enable, check the box for Autodelete voicemail after and chose the number of days. To disable this feature, uncheck the box and Save changes.
    Note: the maximum storage for voicemail is 50 Mb regardless of storage time.
  • enable or disable Voicemail transcription that documents the spoken words from a voicemail. To receive notifications with the transcription on the email address, the Email for voicemail and Include voicemail transcription options should be checked as well.
  • set email address(es) for email notifications and select notification types. If you uncheck the box for Email for voicemail, notifications will not be sent.
  • enable or disable SMS notification about new voicemail messages.

Voicemail settings

Managing devices

To manage the devices assigned to the user or assign a new device, navigate to the Devices tab.

Important: each user should have no more than 5 devices assigned, including Intermedia Unite Desktop and Mobile applications. If there are more, it will cause registration and other issues.

Managing devices

Read the Knowledge Base articles on How To Assign and Manage Devices on Intermedia Unite and Managing Device Line Keys on Intermedia Unite for detailed instructions and more information.