This article describes how to enable and use Call Recording with your Intermedia Unite services.

The following topics will be covered in the article:

Enable Call Recording

Only the Account owner can enable Call Recording. Otherwise, the following message will appear:

  1. Once the Account owner is logged in, this option will become available. You can also choose if a notification message should be played before the recording starts.


  2. Accept terms for using Call Recordings.

  3. Once changes are saved, the Call Recordings feature is ready for immediate use with On-Demand recording for users; if you require Automatic Call recordings on your Hunt Groups, you will also need to enable it within your specified Hunt Group settings panel.

Using On-Demand Call Recording

This feature allows users to record calls on an as-needed basis, once Call Recording has been enabled in HostPilot.

  1. A user pushes #9 to start the call recording or stop recording.
  2. Depending on customer’s state, notification can be disabled.

    Note: Different states have different laws about the notification that calls are being recorded. Administrators can choose whether to enable or disable a call recording announcement based on their state’s requirements.

    • If enabled, Your call is being recorded plays when you start recording.

  3. When the call ended or recording stopped, an .mp3 file of recording is delivered to the end user who initiated the recording via email.

Enable Call Recordings for Hunt Groups

Call Recording for Hunt Groups allows recording of all calls received to the specific Hunt Group. Just enabling recording on HostPilot does not turn on Automatic Recording for your Hunt Groups and this will need to be enabled on each Hunt Group you wish to record.

To enable it:

  1. Click the Groups tab, then click on the name of the Hunt Group you wish to enable call recording for.

  2. Click Enable to the right from Call recordings are disabled then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to commit the setting.


Manage Call Recordings for Hunt Groups

Once Call Recording is enabled on the hunt group, any inbound calls to the Hunt Group will automatically be recorded and stored in the Call Recordings section of the Hunt Group settings.

To view the call recordings:

  1. Click Hunt Groups then click on the name of the Hunt Group you want to view Call Recordings for.

  2. In the main window on the right, you are presented with a list of all Call Recordings saved for this group.  Here you can:

    • Listen to a recording by clicking the Play button.

      • On the next window, you will be able to play the recording, as well as have additional options to Forward the recording, or Download the recording as a .mp3 file.

    • Forward a recording by clicking the Forward button.

      • On the next window you can enter one or more email addresses to send the recording to; click the Forward button at the bottom to send the email.


Call Recordings notifications

  • For On-Demand Call Recording:

When the call is ended or recording stopped, an .mp3 file of recording is delivered to the end user who initiated the recording via email.

Note: The email address that is set for user voicemail will be used for call recording files. If a recorded call was too long (~more than 2 hrs) it may not be delivered by your email provider due to attachment size limitation which is usually around 25 MB.

  • For Automatic Call recording in Hunt Groups:

You can enable Email Notifications for calls received to the Hunt Group:

  1. Click on the Call recordings tab from the Hunt Group settings.
  2. Next to the Call Recordings option, click Notifications not set up.
  3. Check the Email box, then enter your preferred email in the text box below. 
  4. Click Save changes at the bottom of the window to commit the settings.


Call Recordings storage information

  • Each Hunt Group will store up to 400Mb of call recordings; this equates to approximately 55 hours of recording time.

  • A warning email will be sent to the customer when storage reaches 80%, 90% and 100% of capacity. Once capacity has been reached, older call recordings will not be overwritten, so the storage will need to be cleared out. Additionally, when capacity has been reached, and a new call is recorded, it will not be stored on the account, however, if the customer has the option enabled to email the call recording to themselves, they will still receive that email containing the call recording.

  • Hunt Group recordings stay in your recording storage until you delete them.