Extension numbers (Extensions) can be used for internal dialing by your Intermedia Unite users when they are calling each other. 

They are also used by the Auto Attendant and Hunt Group systems for forwarding calls to users.

Also, all other objects on Intermedia Unite have their own extensions: Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Utilities and Resources (WebFaxes, Fax Resources, etc.)

Extension requirements and limitations

  1. Intermedia Unite objects (Users, Auto Attendants, HuntGroups, Resources, Utilities, etc.) must have an extension number;
    Note: each object can have only 1 extension number.
  2. Extension number must be unique for the account;
    Note: some extension numbers can be unavailable - HostPilot will return the Nothing found result - that means the extension is already in use for another object: User/Auto Attendant/Receptionist Group/HuntGroup/Resource/etc.
  3. Extension number must meet the length requirements set for the account;
    Note: to change the extension's length for your account call Support. The length can be changed account-wide only.
  4. Some extensions are reserved and cannot be assigned to users or any objects on Intermedia Unite.
    Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Reserved Extensions for more information.

User's extension

Where to change a User's extension number

  1. Navigate to: 
    Services > Unite > Users > click the User's display name;
    in HostPilot, click the Users tab at the top of the page> click the User's display name > the User Settings page will open > click on the Cloud PBX tab on the left;
  2. The Cloud PBX general page for a specific User will open.

How to change a User's extension number

  1. Delete existing extension number by pressing the X button next to it;
  2. Type the number you want to use as this person's extension;
  3. HostPilot will validate the entered number;
    Note: in case the system returns Nothing found, try another value.
  4. Once HostPilot accepts the entered extension number, it will be added to the field;
  5. Click Save Changes.

Note: The extension number is added to the user's contact card in the address book as Business Phone. You may find it under User info tab > Edit user info. If there was already a number for that field, the previous business phone is copied to the Notes section of the contact card.

How to swap Users' extension numbers

In case you need to swap extensions for User A and User B:
for instance, User A has ext. 100 and User B has ext. 150

  1. Open the Cloud PBX general page for User A;
  2. Delete User A's extension number (100);
  3. Assign a random available extension > Save changes;
  4. Open the Cloud PBX general page for User B;
  5. Delete User B's extension number (150);
  6. Assign ext. 100 to User B > Save changes;
  7. Open the Cloud PBX general page for User A again;
  8. Delete User A's current extension number;
  9. Assign ext. 150 to User A > Save changes.

Other objects' extensions

Auto Attendant

To assign/change the Auto Attendant extension navigate to Services > Unite > Auto Attendant > click on Auto Attendant name > Settings > assign/change the extension Save changes


Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Set Up Auto Attendant On Intermedia Unite for more information.

Greeting Recording Extension

Is used for Auto Attendant menus and sub-menus greeting recording. 

Note: This extension will be different from the Auto Attendant usual extension.

To assign/check the Greeting Recording Extension navigate to Services > Intermedia Unite > Auto Attendant > click on Settings to record menu greetings > assign/change the extension and PIN  > Save changes


Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Set Up Auto Attendant On Intermedia Unite > Recording And Uploading Greetings for more information.

Receptionist Group

Once a Receptionist Group is created, the randomly generated extension is automatically assigned to it by the Auto Attendant system.

The extension is hidden. To find out what extension is assigned to the Receptionist Group call Support.

Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Set Up Auto Attendant On Intermedia Unite > Receptionist Group for more information.

Hunt Group

To assign/change the Hunt Group extension navigate to Services > Unite > Groups > General tabclick on Hunt Group name > Settings > assign/change the extension Save changes


Read the Knowledge Base article on Managing Hunt Groups On Intermedia Unite for more information.

Note: Hunt Group extension can also be used to log in and out of Hunt Groups directly from User's IP phone:

  • To log in the hunt group dialing its extension and add '1'.
    *XXX*1 (log into a hunt group with extension XXX).
  • To log out of the hunt group dialing its extension and add '0'.
    *XXX*0 (log out of a hunt group with extension XXX).

    For example, if you have a Hunt Group with extension 300:
    to log in, dial *300*1;
    to log out, dial *300*0.

You also can forward a call directly to the Hunt Group's voicemail or reach Hunt Group's voicemail using the extension:
dial * + <HG EXT> from your IP phone: for example, if the Hunt Group extension is 100, dial *100.

Resources and Utilities

Resource accounts

To assign/change the Resource accounts extension navigate to Services > Unite > Resources & Utilities > click on Resource name > General tab > assign/change the extension > Save changes


Read the Knowledge Base article on Resources & Utilities: Resource accounts for more information.

Fax Resource

To assign/change the Fax Resource extension navigate to Services > Unite > Resources & Utilities > click on Fax Resource name > General tab > assign/change the extension > Save changes


Read the Knowledge Base article on Resources & Utilities: Fax Resource for more information.


WebFax does not require the extension.

Virtual Extension

To assign/change Virtual Extension extension navigate to Services > Unite > Resources & Utilities > > click on Virtual Extension name > General tab > Settings > assign/change the extension > Save changes


Read the Knowledge Base article on Resources & Utilities: Virtual Extension for more information.

Voicemail Box

To assign/change the Voicemail Box extension navigate to Services > Unite > Resources & Utilities >  click on Voicemail Box name > General tabSettings > assign/change the extension > Save changes


Read the Knowledge Base article on Resources & Utilities: Voicemail Box for more information.