How to Configure Yealink W56P:

To begin configuring your Yealink for use on Intermedia network, you will need to pull up the graphical user interface. For this, do the following:

  • Press the center button on the phone
  • Select Status
  • Select Base
  • Enter the IP address listed in the account into a web browser
  • Log in using the credentials admin/admin

You will then be presented with a screen that looks like this:

Since this device is fairly new to the market, the current firmware (, has not been found to have any issues with Generic SIP (Anyphone) adoption methods.

If your device is not on the above mentioned firmware, then this link will assist you with upgrading your base station firmware.

Once you have the file downloaded, simply upload it to the proper page, pictured below:

You will now need to navigate to the Account Page. You will need to enter in the SIP configuration information for your AnyPhone device on this page. These credentials can be found in your HostPilot. The User Name and Server address will be whatever is found in your SIP Configuration for this device.

The Label and Display Name fields will be your Ext information. It will look like this when completed:

After you have it looking like this, press the confirm button. The device will then attempt to register.

Now your device is registered! However, there is a little more configuration that needs to be completed:

Navigate to Accounts > Advanced and make these changes:

- Keep Alive Type = Default

- UDP Keep Alive Interval (seconds) = 30

- DTMF Type = RFC2833 or SIP INFO

- DTMF Payload = 101

- 100 Reliable Retransmission = Enabled

- SIP Registration Retry (seconds) = 30

- Local SIP Port: (Settings > SIP) This needs to be set to 6xxx (Where xxx is equal to your Ext #) in this example we are configuring Ext 323 so we are setting the Local SIP Port to 6323. This allows each phone to use its own port and prevent call failures related to multiple requests for the same port.

- Caller ID Header: Set this to RPID-FROM

- Subscribe MWI To Voice Mail: Enabled

Please also remember to set the codec to that which is defined with you SIP credentials in the HostPilot portal. See the below Image, currently we only support G.729 and G.711u codecs (G.722 is being added to our systems, but is not yet useable). You will need to remove any other codecs listed in the “Enabled Codecs”.


Next, go to Network > Advanced, and make these changes:

- Voice QoS = 46

- SIP QoS = 26 – if this is left at 46, it could cause delays in call pickup and acknowledgement by the phone.

- Maximum RTP Port = 50000

- Minimum RTP Port = 30000

Almost there! Next, go to Settings > Time & Date, and make the following change

  • Set DHCP Time = Disabled
  • Set the correct Time Zone
  • Enable or Disable Daylight Saving Time based on your locations DST cycle (If you do not configure this correctly inbound calls will likely fail)


Now to configure your voicemail number, which is the phone’s direct number, not numbers that forward to the phone. Go to the Phone menu, and make this change in the box at the bottom of the screen. It will look like this:

*** Note: You will need to put the same Voicemail Number in as the Busy and No answer Target. If you do not do this or forget to enable Busy and/or No Answer then calls will fail to go to Voicemail. 


Finally, we need to associate the handsets and lines. Go to Account > Number Assignment. Currently Intermedia only support 1 Handset per line, and any other configuration may not be support by Intermedia Voice Support.


The W56P has one major improvement that the W52P did not have, that is support for a traditional dial plan as shown below.

Navigate to Settings > Dial Plan > Dial-now, and enter the following as show in the image below.

  • Rule Index 1: 1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx
  • Rule Index 2: [2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx
  • Rule Index 3: 911
  • Rule Index 4: [2-8]11
  • Rule Index 5: 1[01]x
  • Rule Index 6: *99xxx


Now you are good to go!