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STEP 7: COPY MAILBOX  CONTENT. Your mailbox data will be copied from your existing Exchange mailboxes and imported into your Microsoft 365 account. There are two primary mechanisms for accessing mailbox data on Exchange Servers: directly, using each end-user's credentials individually, or using Administrator credentials. You will have already decided on which method to use during Phase 1 of the migration.

  • End-User credentials

Accessing mailbox data using End-User credentials requires no source server configuration. If the Outlook Assistant is used, it will email each end-user a link to their unique Password Reception URL. When the user clicks the URL they will have the opportunity to provide their credentials to the Outlook Assistant. Those credentials will then be used to connect to the end-users mailbox and migrate their data.

  • Administrator credentials

Impersonation involves configuring one, master user account with administration rights to access all mailboxes on the source server.

Note: if you had selected manual configuration, you will need to supply passwords to Intermedia.

STEP 8: PRE-CONFIGURING OUTLOOK PROFILES. Our Cloud Concierge representative will make sure that the most suitable way to handle the creation of the new Outlook profiles is chosen based on your individual business needs.

Outlook Assistant

This is a client application that:

  • Performs desktop and Outlook readiness checks.
  • Configures Outlook to work with Microsoft 365.
  • Automatically switches to the M365 profile at the time of cutover.
  • Moves local data (i.e. signature blocks and address autocomplete) as required.
  • Recreates the user’s previous Outlook experience as closely as possible post-migration.

Note: Consult with your Cloud Concierge engineer whether Outlook Assistant is applicable for the migration.

Important: the Outlook Assistant can be downloaded on Windows XP SP3, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10 only, Mac clients are not supported. The Outlook Assistant works with Outlook 2007+, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Hands-Free Migration

A Hands-Free Migration also uses the Outlook Assistant, however, its scenario offers the benefit of eliminating most End-User involvement in the migration process. This is more appropriate for mid to large-sized migrations.

Note: this method is a more technically advanced migration process which requires more involvement and effort from an on-site administrator. Our Cloud Concierge team will provide you with the requirements that have to be met if you would like to use the Hands-Free Migration method.


If the first two options do not work for you, it is also possible to configure all devices manually. We will provide the configuration settings.

STEP 9: VERIFY MAILBOX DATA COPIED SUCCESSFULLY. As soon as the initial data copy is complete, you will get a notification asking to verify that your mailbox data has copied correctly.

  1. Check the mailboxes on your new Microsoft 365 account to ensure that the mailbox data has been copied correctly. We recommend checking a few different mailboxes via Outlook Web Access to ensure there were no issues with the import.
  2. If there is any data that has not been migrated over or any other issues, please gather the details and relay the details to Intermedia.
  3. Notify Intermedia if the data migration is complete. 

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