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STEP 10: CHECKING ON NEW MX RECORDS. Our Cloud Concierge representative will make sure that you have the new MX record information ready for the pre-defined cutover time.


  1. Intermedia will confirm that you are ready to proceed to the final cutover.
    Note: if you are using third-party filtering solution and would like to continue using it after cutover, you need to change the forwarding from filtering solution to the new Microsoft 365 MX records at this point.
  2. You will be asked to update the MX records so they start pointing to Microsoft 365. Add all appropriate DNS records such as an Autodiscover and SPF record for your domain. 
  3. Finish configuring your Outlook clients and other devices to connect to the new server using the Outlook Assistant.

STEP 12: DIFFERENTIAL DATA COPY. Intermedia will initiate a differential mailbox data copy from your current Intermedia Hosted Exchange server to capture new mail and any other updated items since the initial copy. The final sync of the source mailbox is initiated at the time of cutover to ensure everything is synchronized. We will keep checking the source mailbox every hour for 48 hours after the migration cutover time in case any emails are mistakenly routed to the old email server because of the MX records propagation. All email changes, e.g. deletions, mailbox items moves, etc. are not recommended during that step.

STEP 13: VERIFY MAILBOX DATA. Verify that the data copied correctly.

  1. Verify that the data migration is complete. Check the mailboxes on the new Microsoft 365 account to ensure that the mailbox data has been copied correctly.
  1. If there is any data that had not been migrated over or any other issues, please gather the details and relay the details to Intermedia.
  1. Notify Intermedia if the data migration is complete. If there are issues with the migration of data, we will work with you to correct the issue.

STEP 14: VERIFY MIGRATION IS COMPLETE AND ENABLE ADDITIONAL SERVICES. As the final step of the migration process, Intermedia Cloud Concierge representative will contact you to verify that all your users are on the new Microsoft 365 account, no data is missing and the service is behaving as expected. Once this has been verified, the migration will be marked as complete. At this point, you can also enable additional services such as Microsoft 365 add-ons. Please contact Support if you have any further issues.

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