If you already have a supported Yealink device that you would like to provision on Intermedia Unite, you can easily set up the device using the Enhanced BYOP method.

In this article, we will cover the following topics:

Firmware Requirements for Enhanced BYOP

While it's not always neccessary, upgrading the firmware can potentially correct various issues during the auto provisioning process known as Enhanced BYOP.

Yealink devices acquired from third party sellers often have random or inconsistent firmware previously installed on the device, which means there is a chance the device's current firmware is too old to work flawlessly with the provisioning server.

If you find that you are unable to provision your device using the Enhanced BYOP, it may be beneficial to check the current firmware of the device, and update it if neccessary. Below is a list of known working firmware for each Yealink device.


Minimum Firmware Version Compatibility

Yealink T40P

Yealink T41P

Yealink T42P/T42G

Yealink T46P/T46G

Yealink T48P/T48G

If you find that your firmware needs to be updated, you can download the minimum firmware version listed above, directly from Yealink's support site: Yealink Support Downloads - Desktop IP Phones


Upgrade via Web User Interface

To upgrade firmware manually via web user interface:

  1. Click on Settings->Upgrade.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. Select the firmware from the local system.
  4. Click Upgrade.
    • A dialog box pops up to prompt “Firmware of the SIP Phone will be updated. It will take 5 minutes to complete. Please don't power off!”.
  5. Click OK to confirm the upgrade.

Note:  Do not unplug the network and power cables when the IP phone is upgrading firmware.
Do not close and refresh the browser when the IP phone is upgrading firmware via web user interface.

Add device in HostPilot

  1. Login to HostPilot and navigate to Voice ServicesDevices > Setup your own device
  2. Select the Brand and Model of your device.
  3. Enter MAC address. MAC address can be found on the back of the phone. 

  4. Assign a user and 911 address.
  5. Click Add device



Enter the provisioning URL into the phone

Once the provisioning URL is entered, the phone will configure itself from the Voice Services provisioning server.

Note: phone hardware should always be reset to factory settings before you provision it. 

How to configure a Yealink phone using the Web UI

  1. Plug in the phone power cord and network cable. The phone begins initializing and the lights on the phone will flash (this should take about 5 seconds to complete). While the phone is connecting, it automatically finds the local DHCP server and gets its IP address.
  2. Obtain the IP address of your phone:
    1. Press the "Menu" button on or below the screen.
    2. Press the "OK" button on 1. Status
    3. This page displays the "IP" of the phone under 1.IPv4
  3. On your computer open web browser and type the phone's IP address in to the browser's search (address) field to open web interface for the Polycom phone.
  4. Log in to the phone using default user name and password:
    Login: admin
    Password: admin

    Note: if you can not login using these credentials, then the phone was not reset to factory settings. 

  5. Navigate to Settings > Auto Provision and change the following information
    1. In the Server URL field, copy and paste the URL below:


    2. Click Confirm at the  bottom of the page.

  6. Next, Navigate to Security > Trusted Certificates; select "Disabled" from the drop down for Only Accept Trusted Certificates and click the Confirm button at the bottom
  7. ylt4xfwlink
  8. The phone will restart itself. Do not unplug the phone from the power while it's restarting. The phone may restart several times.
  9. Once the phone is done provisioning it will display your extension number in addition to the display preferences you configured for the device in CONTROL PANEL and the phone can be used.