The following tables list the ports, protocols and URLs that Intermedia Unite devices use to exchange data with Voice Services.

This information may be useful for configuring firewalls on users’ computers or in your organization’s LAN. All established connections must be accepted.

To obtain the IP range for Intermedia Unite - please contact our support team.

VOIP Hardware Port information

Service Port numbers Protocol
Provisioning ( TCP 80, 443, 1443, 2443, 6716, 6718  Varied
Registration UDP 5060; TCP 5060 SIP
SecureSIP Registrtation TCP 5061 SIP TLS
Audio Stream UDP 30000-65000 (assigned dynamically) RTP, SRTP
Presence Servers TCP 5222, 5280 Varied


Service URL
Intermedia Unite API
Intermedia Unite STS


Intermedia Unite client - login – alternate API - desktop client update server

SecuriSync *
IPS+PBX clusters *
Intermedia Unite spellcheck library *
Intermedia AnyMeeting

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