This article is an overview of a Number Porting Letter of Authorization (LOA) Wizard which allows you to submit the necessary paperwork to start your Number Porting request, track the request status and provide additional information.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

  1. Creating new Number Porting request
  2. Additional information about Number Porting Service
  3. Preparing your numbers for Porting
  4. What to expect when your numbers have ported 

Creating new Number Porting request

Once you are logged into HostPilot, navigate to Services > Unite > Phone Numbers.

    1. Click the Port existing numbers link.
    2. Choose which type of number(s) you would like to port: local or toll-free.

      Note: Submit requests for local and toll-free number porting separately. If you are porting numbers from multiple accounts, submit each request separately. For local port orders, identify the timeframe in which you will be ready for your numbers to port. We will submit your porting order requesting the next available date from your current service provider, using your preferred porting timeframe as a guide. Leave comments if needed: include in comments the email address of all contacts who should be updated on the port order status.

      Important: The amount of time it takes to port a number depends on several factors. Porting of a local telephone number typically takes 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly your current service provider responds to how well the information you provide matches what your current provider has on file for your number(s). Toll-free porting typically takes 1-2 weeks.

      ImportantOur online LOA Wizard also lets you specify whom you would like contacted by email from our Footprints case management system on status changes for your port order.  Please make sure to include all relevant email addresses for each order

    3. Enter the number(s) to port using International Number Format. As noted, do not combine local and toll-free numbers on the same order and do not combine numbers from different accounts.

      Note: The checkbox below the numbers table tells us if you would like to enable a failsafe for the assignment of your ported numbers. Checking this box will create a temporary voicemail box. Any numbers which have completed porting, and which have not already been assigned to a user or service, will automatically be assigned to this voicemail box, no later than 30 minutes after the port completes. After this is complete, we will send the account admin an email notification about any numbers assigned to the temporary voicemail box. When you are ready to assign your numbers to a user or any resource you should un-assign numbers from the temporary voicemail box and assign them to the correct resource.

      Assignment of ported numbers to the temporary voicemail box allows callers to receive a pre-configured greeting indicating the number is being moved to a new telephone system, and allows them to leave a message. You can change this greeting and record/upload another one.

      Although this feature will prevent callers from receiving an “unreachable number” message, and enables them to leave a message, we still strongly encourage that you assign numbers that are porting to the correct user or resource prior to the confirmed porting date.

      There is no charge for the temporary voicemail box when enabled for the account.

      Voicemail box for ported numbers assign has the following default settings:

      • Name - Unassigned Ported Number VM
      • Extension - 889 (or the first free extension, if 889 is already used)
      • New voicemail PIN – 8899
      • Voicemail to email - account owner's email
      • Location - Main Company address
      • Greeting file name - Unassigned_Number_VM_Prompt.wav

    4. Provide us with your current billing account information for the numbers you wish to port.

      Note: this is NOT your account information for your services with us

      We suggest getting a recent copy of your phone bill from your current service provider for the numbers you are porting - use that as the reference in entering the below information. The Bill-to-number (BTN) might be found on the bill as well. It is either a part of your account number, or may be referred to as a main number when you contact your current service provider.
      For orders to port Local numbers: show the service address your current provider has on file.
      For orders to port Toll-free numbers: show the billing address on file with your current provider.
      In both cases, the authorizing person must be listed as an authorized owner or administrator for these numbers with your current provider. If you are submitting this on behalf of an end-user who has already provided you with an LOA, please fill this in with the information they have provided.

      you are then required per FCC regulations to keep your end user's LOA on file and available for reference.
    5. Please use Upload buttons to upload a signed Letter of Authorization and a copy of a recent phone bill for your numbers here. Bill is not required, but it will help us if your current service provider requires additional information on your port order. If the submitter is not the authorized signer, we strongly recommend that a pen-and-ink signed LOA from the authorized signer be uploaded also. For all Toll-Free orders, a pen and ink copy is required.
      Step 4
      Please note: For all Toll-Free orders LOA and bill copies are required. 
      Step 4.1
      Here you can download Local Number Porting Form and Toll-Free Number Porting Form
    6. Read the Terms and submit a request by clicking the Submit Request button.
    7. You may want to review generated LOA or return to the Number Porting Status Page.


The porting team will review the submitted request and let you know what information should be changed/added in the porting order through Footprints case, so you should receive updates via your contact email address. 
Consider monitoring your contact mailbox periodically.   

Additional information about Number Porting Service

Path to checking existing ports status:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to Services > Unite at the top.
  3. Go to the Phone Numbers tab on the left side.
  4. If you have already initiated number porting to Intermedia, please click the link to check the current status.

The status page shows you the list of all number porting requests with the following statuses:

  • Completed: We have successfully ported the number(s) to our network. Check to make sure that they are routing as you wish, then contact your previous service provider to cancel any numbers/services you no longer need from them.
  • In Progress: We currently have all the necessary information from you and are working on your port order. We have/are submitting it to our carrier and your current service provider. We have/will provide an Estimated Porting Date based on the timeframe you requested and the soonest date available from your current service provider. If all information you submitted matches the information currently on file with your service provider, we will provide you a Confirmed Porting Date. Please check this status every few days for any updates. If we require additional information, we will provide detailed instructions in an email from the associated Footprints case.
  • Waiting for you: We need some additional information from you.
    • If you had not previously submitted a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for these numbers, please start the LOA Wizard by pressing the "Revise LOA" button.
    • If you had already submitted the LOA for these numbers and we notified you of an issue from the associated Footprints case, first review the instructions in that case.
      If we instructed you to submit a new LOA then press Revise LOA to enter to the Edit Mode.
    • In both cases, start the LOA wizard and follow the steps to submit your LOA.
  • Canceled: Indicates that your order to port the numbers shown has been canceled. You may have contacted us to cancel it or we have had to cancel it because we have not received from you the necessary information to proceed. 
  • Scheduled: We have received a firm commitment date from your current phone company to port the numbers. This means that port order is now final and confirmed; any changes/cancellations made after this will incur charges.

This page also shows:

  • the Footprints case number, which you can provide to support representative. We will be sending emails with this case number in the subject field in which you can find further information and instructions.
  • Number(s) to port.
  • Estimated Porting Date - this is the date we have requested to port with your current service provider based on the dates they have available, the timeframe you indicated to us, and the nature of your port order and current services.  This is not yet confirmed.  Any changes to your port order will require your order to start over again, usually with a new estimated porting date.
  • Confirmed Porting Date - this date has been confirmed with your current service provider; we will port your numbers on this date. Any changes to your port order including the request to change this date may incur charges.  

Preparing your numbers for Porting

When preparing your numbers to port, part of our internal process is to add and configure the numbers in the Unite portal.  This is to prepare the account and numbers in question for the incoming port, ensure that the backend routing is pre-configured, and allow you to assign numbers to Users, Groups, or Attendants so that you are ready to receive calls as soon as the port is complete.

The numbers are UNASSIGNED and will not work once ported until you do the following:

  1. Assigning your number(s) to Services or Users.
    • You need to ASSIGN the numbers to services or users.
    • Your porting phone numbers will not work until you have done this.  
    • Please make sure you do this in advance of your confirmed port date.
  2. Make sure all phones are connected and registering before your numbers port
  3. Complete an Onboarding appointment if you are a new customer to ensure calls will route appropriately.  If you have not had your onboarding appointment yet, please contact your Onboarding representative to schedule one.

If you need assistance assigning 'in porting' status number to a service, please view our article Managing phone numbers in porting status 

What to expect when your numbers port

On the date of your scheduled number port, we will work with your current carrier to move your numbers over to our network.  Ports are generally seamless and not even noticed for most customers.   Calls will start arriving via your Intermedia Unite services instead of via your existing phone lines. 

We will test, verify that porting was successfully completed and send you a completion notice by 11 am Pacific.

Important: once porting is completed, the numbers will be in the unassigned state and will not work until you assign them to services or users. You can assign phone numbers after or before the porting process is completed, however, it is better to do this in advance of your confirmed port date in order to avoid downtime after numbers are ported.

Additional orders may be in progress and updates will be provided on those separately.  To check the status of other port orders, please check our Number Porting Status Viewer available through our HostPilot.  Login to HostPilot for this account, navigate to Services > Intermedia Unite and click on the Number Porting Service link.