Main features

Intermedia Unite: Desktop Application allows you to:

  • make calls
  • view presence status of other users on the account
  • view call history 
  • participate in Online Meetings

Install Intermedia Unite App

  1. Install the application.
  2. Login with your My Services credentials (email address and password). 


Navigate to Settings > Application settings. Under this page you may:

  • Choose Click-to-call Device (device through which you will make outbound calls).
  • Show incoming call notifications
  • Enable sounds
  • Run the application in background mode
  • Run the application when system starts

Gather logs for troubleshooting

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced settings
  2. Check Create detailed log and Save changes.
    Note: this option may slow down the app performance. Please do not use this option if there is no need.
  3. Perform action that you need to troubleshoot. 
  4. Navigate to Advanced settings again - click Export logs into file. File will be saved to your computer. Send this file to Support. 

Update application

  1. Open Application. You will see Exclamation point above the Settings button if application requires update. Click on Settings.

  2. Click on Update.