Yealink T4xG Series phones – Advanced Options

  1. BLF Notifications: It has been requested on a few occasions, regarding how to de-activate certain notifications that may/do appear after BLF (Busy Lamp Field), has been enabled on the phone. Most notably are the following two:
    1. Visual Alert for BLF Pickup
    2. Audio Alert for BLF Pickup
      1. These options can be disabled from the WebUI of the phone.


Image 1


  1. BLF Indicator Lights:
    1. Green = Idle
    2. Red flashing = Call is being presented to the phone, i.e Ringing.
    3. Red solid = Active call has been answered.
      1. If the BLF/Line key lights are not responding in this manner, ensure your configuration matches the Figure 2.2





  1. Voice Mail Notification Lights / MWI (Message Waiting Indicator)
    1. The following two figures cover the options and their locations within the phones WebUI, that will allow one to enable or disable them per customer requests.
    2. Features – Power LED, is located on Figure 3
    3. Features – Notification Popups, is located on Figure 4



Here is a link to download this document: Yealink Advanced Options