Call Park is a means of internally transferring calls through the use of virtual call park groups, which allow calls to be placed on hold and then picked up from a different extension, as long as the other extension is within the same Call Park group. The calls are parked for a given amount of time and can be picked up by any user within that park group. When the timer expires, the call will ring back at the original phone that parked the call. If the original device that parked the call is unreachable, the call will be routed to voicemail.

Managing Park Groups

Intermedia Unite accounts are created with one default Call Park group that has 10 extensions and has the park time set to 60 seconds. Every user on the account is a member of the default Call Park group. Default Call Park group cannot be deleted, its name cannot be changed and it must have at least 10 extensions assigned to it at all times.

Creating Call Park Groups

To create a new Call Park group go to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Unite > Groups, click Create group and select Call park group.

On the next screen, type in the name of the Call Park group and its extension(s). The default time of the Park Time Out is set to 60 seconds and can be increased up to 3600 seconds (1 hour) maximum or decreased down to 5 seconds minimum. 

After the Call Park Group is created, you can assign members to it. Go to Members section, click Add member and select users that will be members of the new Call Park group from the list by checking the checkboxes near their names. After that, click Add 

Note: user can be a member of only one Call Park group at a time. If you assign a member of the existing Call Park group to another Call Park group, this user will be automatically unassigned from the previous one.


Managing Existing Call Park Groups

Call Park groups can be managed in HostPilot > Unite > Groups. From there, you can see the names of Call Park groups, their extensions, and the number of members assigned to each Call Park group. To manage the Call Park group, click its name.

On the next screen, you will be able to review the list of the members of the Call Park group in the Members section, change the name of the Call Park group, change its extension or assign additional extensions to it, increase the Park Time Out up to 3600 seconds (1 hour) maximum or decrease it down to 5 seconds minimum. After you make changes, click Save changes. 

Note: Call Park group must have at least one extension. According to the logic of park groups, calls are parked based on when the extension is created not numerical order. For example, the park group was created with extensions 800, 801, 802, 803. If you delete 802 then re-add it, it will be parked last not 3rd.


Deleting Call Park groups

To delete a Call Park group, go to HostPilot > Unite > Groups, select the Call Park group by checking the checkbox near its name and click Delete. All members of the deleted Call Park group will be reassigned to the Default Call Park group. 

How to Park a Call

  1. Have an active call, incoming or outgoing.
  2. Press the Park softkey (you may need to press the More key to see this option) or dial #7 on your Intermedia Unite phone. 
  3. You will hear an announcement telling you which extension your call is parked on.
  4. Tell your coworkers which extension the call is parked on.
  5. To pick up the call, you or your coworker dials the extension the call is parked on.

Visual Call Park

This feature allows Intermedia Unite users to configure a line key to monitor a specific park slot in a park group. When a call gets parked in this monitored park group slot, the line key will visually show a call has been parked and the line key can then be pressed to retrieve that parked call. 

Note: Visual Call Park monitors one park slot per line key. If a park group has 15 park slots, you would need to configure 15 line keys in order to monitor the entire park group. There is no limit for the number of park slots per group.

To find out how to configure line keys on your Intermedia Unite phones, read the article Managing Device Line Keys on Intermedia Unite.