What is Call Park

This feature allows to transfer calls using virtual extensions. The calls are parked for a given amount of time and can be picked up by any user within that park group.

A new update will allow Intermedia Unite customers to have multiple Call Park groups. With this feature, users will be able to pick up calls from the park group they are assigned to. 

Default Call Park Groups

  • Intermedia Unite accounts are created with one call park group.
  • The default group contains 10 extensions.
  • The call is parked for the next 60 seconds after the park greeting has finished playing. When the timer expires, the call will ring back at the original phone that parked the call. If the original device that parked the call is unreachable, the call will be routed to voicemail. Support can increase call park timeout and change the ring back destination per customers’ request.

Additional Call Park Groups

Companies that have multiple offices all over the country will find it useful to have separate call park groups for different offices. This will allow the employees to distinguish between calls parked for their office and some other office. Account admins are unable to create additional call park groups in the HostPilot yet. If a customer needs to create a new group, please contact Support.

Park Groups Limitations

  • Each account has a minimum of 1 Call Park group and there is no maximum.
  • A default group always contains 10 extensions. Their number can be increased but not reduced.
  • A user can only be a member of one Call Park group at any time.
  • All available and free extensions on the account can be used for the Call Park groups.
  • Additional Call Park groups are not visible in the HostPilot yet.
  • A user can only retrieve calls from the park group they belong to.

How to Park a Call

  1. Have an active call, incoming or outgoing.

  2. Dial #7 on your Intermedia Unite phone.

  3. You will hear an announcement telling you which extension your call is parked on.

  4. Tell your coworkers which extension the call is parked on.

  5. To pick up the call, you or your coworker dials the extension the call is parked on.

Visual Call Park

This feature allows Intermedia Unite users to configure a line key to monitor a specific park slot in a park group. When a call gets parked in this monitored park group slot, the line key will visually show a call has been parked and the line key can then be pressed to retrieve that parked call. 

Note: Visual Call Park monitors one park slot per line key. If a park group has 15 park slots, you would need to configure 15 line keys in order to monitor the entire park group. There is no limit for the number of park slots per group.

To find out how to configure line keys on your  Intermedia Unite phones please visit our Knowledge Base article Managing Device Line Keys on Intermedia Unite.

Additional Park Groups can be monitored via line keys as well. If a customer requests this feature to be set up, contact Support.

Functionality To Be Released Soon

  • Call Park groups will be created within the Groups area in the HostPilot .
  • Account admins will be able to manage and customize all Call Park groups, and set up line keys for Park Groups monitoring.