To mute attendees individually, mouse over their mic or telephone icon:


Important: Attendees will un mute themselves. You will not be able to unmute them.

To mute everyone that is currently in your meeting, click the Mute All icon at the top of the Attendee area:

Mute All

To have all subsequent attendees join muted, check the New attendees join muted box.

You may also disable the chimes heard when someone comes in or exits by checking the corresponding box:

Exit chimes

You may completely hide the left panel during your meeting by clicking the upper left hand corner as shown below.

Hide panel

And unhide it as well in the same way.

Show panel

To remove an attendee from your meeting:

  1. Mouse over their name and click for more options

    More options
  2. Select Remove from the meeting

    Remove from meeting
  3. Confirm the choice

    Confirm removal

The attendee will receive the following notification about being removed from from the metting.

Removed notification