Adding a poll within a webinar

  1. Start a meeting and click the Create and run polls icon:

  2. On the new poll window, click Create New Poll:

  3. Fill in the question and options available. During a webinar, you may only ask one question at a time. Click Submit:

  4. You will now have a poll available. Click Start this poll to make it active to attendees:


Using polls within an active webinar

To use the poll:

  1. Click the Create and run polls icon
  2. Click on the Start this poll icon on the poll you wish to use (if more than one is created)
  3. A poll will be in progress. Attendees and presenters will be able to cast their votes by choosing an answer and clicking on the Submit Vote button. You will see results on the fly:


You can also choose who sees the results and CLOSE POLL when you are satisfied.

Viewing poll results

For poll results after your webinar:

  1. Find the past meeting you held and click on the meeting title
  2. In the meeting details, click on the Reports tab. Click on Polls Report or Export to File and you'll download a CSV list of all the answers to the poll question from each attendee

Note: Polls are not recorded for privacy. There will be a placeholder on your recording during this segment.