This article provides troubleshooting steps to resolve the most common troubleshooting questions attendees might have.

Audio Troubleshooting

Q: No one can hear me, I am on computer audio.

Important:  If you are in the middle of a meeting – Dial In by Telephone to resolve temporarily.

Switch to phone

If you have time, check the following:

  • Are you muted?
  • Is your device muted?
  • Do you see your mic icon indicate you are speaking?
  • Does your host have you muted?
  • What is your default device for microphone on your PC? 


  • Turn off other applications such as Skype that may be holding your Mic hostage.
  • Be sure you are using a supported browser (Chrome) and that you have allowed permission to access your Mic.
  • Be sure to check your Audio source in the meeting under Audio & Video Options in the settings menu.
  • Check your Operating system Sound Properties to ensure you have the correct device selected on your computer.
  • If this does not work, switch to phone by mousing over the phone icon and choosing Switch to Phone.
    Switch to Phone

Q:  I cannot hear anyone.

  • Are others able to hear the Host?
  • What speakers are chosen in your Operating system Sound properties?


  • Confirm that the speaker in the meeting is the same as your Operating system in Audio & Video Options (shown above)
  • Try leaving the meeting and coming back.
  • If time sensitive, please dial in by phone for the time being (shown above).

Q: I need help dialing in.

A: If on a cell phone, are you clicking the Dial In button from the email invitation? This will dial you in automatically.


  • Ensure that you are pressing all numbers in a normal pace. Dialing or pressing buttons on your phone too quickly will not allow the Tone to be heard by the conference call provider.
  • If dialing from a cell phone, ensure you are in a good service area.
  • If you are on a VOIP line, that service provider may not allow what is called DTMF. Try a different phone if available.

Webcam Troubleshooting

Q: My webcam will not load my video.

  • Did you set permissions to allow access your webcam in your web browser?
  • Does your webcam work outside of the meeting?


  • Check that your webcam is selected under Audio & Video

  • Ensure your browser permissions are set to allow access to your webcam.
  • Test your webcam outside of the meeting.
  • Turn off any other applications that are also using your webcam.

Q: When I use my webcam I get Video Feed Interrupted on the screen.

A: This typically indicates that there is a slow internet connection and the feed is unable to send.  Turn off all other applications not needed for the meeting to ensure your internet connection is dedicated to the meeting.

Screen Sharing

Q: The screen is black, I don’t see anything.

A: You may be experiencing a slow connection.  Try refreshing Chrome browser or leave the event and come back.  Make sure you turn off unnecessary programs that are also using your internet connection.

Q: I was asked to share my screen, it just shows Video Feed Interrupted.

A: This happens when your internet connection is slow and cannot support screen sharing.  Close all unnecessary programs that are using your internet connection.  If you are on a mobile hotspot or poor Wi-Fi, you may not be able to screen share.  If the problem persists, you may need to contact your IT Department if you are on a business network.

Q: I can't share my screen.

A: You may be experiencing a problem with a firewall or low bandwidth.  Please review the next section on connectivity.

Connectivity Troubleshooting

Q: I get a warning about a slow connection.

  • Are you on a Wi-Fi connection? This may cause instability. If possible, connect via hard wire.
  • Are other programs running that are also using your internet such as Skype or Email? Try to shut down all unnecessary programs.
  • If you are at a hotel or using a Hotspot, these may not provide a strong enough internet connection. To test your connection, go to
  • Are you in an office or at a University or other location that has an IT Managed firewall? You may need to contact IT to assist you with your permission to access Intermedia AnyMeeting.
  • Our ports are Inbound and Outbound UDP 443 and 80.  Screen sharing uses TCP 3478.

Q: I keep getting kicked out of the meeting.

A: A strong internet connection is required to participate in online meetings. Check the above suggestions on how to improve connectivity.

Q: The audio/video is very choppy in the meeting.

A: Once again, a strong internet connection is required to participate in online meetings. Check the above suggestions on how to improve connectivity.

Questions about content and attending

Q: I need the recording for the meeting, I missed it.

A: To obtain a recording of the event, contact your Host.

Q: I can’t make the meeting, can I reschedule?

A: To inquire about attending the meeting, contact your Host.

Q: How do I contact the Host?

A: Intermedia AnyMeeting is the hosting service your Host uses to hold meetings. We understand that sometimes you wish to contact the Host following a webinar for certification, recording the meeting or follow up questions.

To contact your Host, see your invitation email or registration email and click Reply on that email. Your Host's email address is hidden until you click Reply on that email to protect their privacy and from being auto-added to address books.