The article provides troubleshooting steps to resolve the most common troubleshooting questions attendees might have.

Audio Troubleshooting

Q: No one can hear me, I am on computer audio.

  • Are you muted?
  • Is your device muted?
  • Do you see your mic icon indicate you are speaking?
  • Does your host have you muted?
  • Be sure you are using a supported browser (Chrome or Firefox) and that you have allowed permission to access your Mic.

A: Solutions:

  • Turn off other applications such as Skype that may be holding your Mic hostage.
  • Be sure to check your Audio source in the meeting under Audio & Video Options.
  • If this does not work, switch to phone by going to the Audio & Video Options and choosing DIAL-IN FOR AUDIO.


Q: I am having trouble calling in on the phone.

  • If on a cell phone, are you clicking the Dial In button from the email invitation? This will dial you in automatically.
  • Are you on a VOIP telephone service that may not allow connecting to conference call lines?

A: Solutions:

  • Ensure that you are pressing all numbers in a normal pace. Dialing or pressing buttons on your phone too quickly will not allow the Tone to be heard by the conference call provider.
  • If dialing from a cell phone, ensure you are in a good service area.
  • If you are on a VOIP line, that service provider may not allow what is called DTMF. Try a different phone if available.

Webcam Troubleshooting

Q: My webcam will not load my video.

  • Did you set permissions to allow access your webcam in your web browser?
  • Does your webcam work outside of the meeting?

A: Solutions:

  • Ensure your permissions are set.
  • Test your webcam outside of the meeting.
  • Turn off any other applications that are also using your webcam.

Joining a Meeting or Webinar

Q: When I try to join, it tells me the meeting is not active

A: Solutions:

  • Check the date and time and the timezone for your event to verify it's the correct time for the meeting / webinar
  • If you are sure it is time, contact your Host to inquire.  Sometimes Hosts may run late, we advise giving them 10 minutes or so before contacting them.

Q: I got disconnected and when I try to join again, it tells me my email is already in use

A: If you were in the meeting prior and disconnected, your presence or personna may still be in the meeting.  Wait 1-2 minutes before trying again.  A slow connection can cause this and you may want to make sure that you have an optimal internet connection.