This article applies for Windows OS. For Mac OSX refer to the Intermedia AnyMeeting: Managing Your Devices On Mac OSX

In a Meeting, you may check your mic, speakers and webcam under Audio & Video Options by clicking the 3 dots in the top navigation menu:


Choose your Mic and Speakers and see if your webcam is sending your video feed. Otherwise, check the drop down menu for your device to be listed.

Audio/Video Options

To ensure your Windows OS is in alignment with your choice in devices, navigate to the Control Panel > Sound and check your devices. Ensure that Playback (speakers) and Recording (microphone) are showing the correct device.

You may test each while viewing these in the Control Panel. The green bar indicator will show which device is active when you test.


If you encounter an error such as:

Device Problem

This indicates that there may be another program that has control of your devices at the moment such as Skype or other audio/video programs or your drivers are in a bad state. If you have time, restart your computer to release this. If not, you may need to dial-in by telephone for the moment until you have time to restart.