Audio is the most important aspect of your meeting or webinar. This article contains some of our recommendations for best audio quality.

We understand that it's not always possible to use a landline or have great bandwidth so we hope to set your expectations if these are not available. Choppy or garbled audio may occur if the following conditions are not met:

  • Make sure wired connection is used - wireless connection is less dependable and can possibly drop
  • Other applications on your computer are turned off during your meeting - another program might affect your meeting quality
  • If you are on a shared network, other users should stop streaming video or listening to music until your meeting is over
  • No cell phones - Presenters and Attendees should use computer or landlines. Using a cell phone subjects others to line noise and you may drop off the call
  • Make sure that your audio equipment is working properly - check for any loose cables or switches on your microphone / headset which may result in faulty peformance

​What can you do to prevent audio echo?

Tip 1: Check your equipment, i.e. how many mics do you have on? How many mics do you see below?

If you are experiencing Audio Echo in your meeting that you have confirmed is coming from your audio source, first check your Audio Settings under the More menu in the meeting application and ensure that the correct mic is chosen:


Make sure all but one mic is disabled. You might not be aware that you may be using up to 3 mics:


  • 1 on the laptop (built-in)
  • 1 on the web cam (built-in)
  • a stand alone mic

which makes it 3 places on your desk picking up your voice.

Tip 2: Speakers produce echo


When you use a microphone on your desk, it picks up the sound from your speakers. We strongly recommend a headset. If you don't have a headset, to reduce the amount of echo, all attending need to move the microphone and speakers as far apart as possible or turn your speakers down until just audible. ​

Tip 3: Check how many people are on headsets and are in the same room with each other


The headset mics will pick up sound in the room. If others are at their desks and are in the meeting as well, they will hear each other in their mics.

Switching to telephone

If you are unable to get your computer audio working properly, switch to telephone.