You may download your recordings on your My Meetings Page if you recorded your meeting.

1. Navigate to your My Meetings page

2. On this page, click the tab called Recordings

3. See the Download area on each meeting Recording and click the word(s) "Recording" or "Audio Only" to download an MP4 video file or MP3 audio file or your meeting respectively.


Depending on your Operating System and web browser, a dialogue box to choose a place to save your recording file on your hard drive will be presented to you. Save the file in the location of your choice on your computer. You may also rename the title of the file if you wish to.

Some web browsers will automatically begin the download and download it to the folder you have set in your web browser for downloads.

Recording files are MP4 format.

You can upload your downloaded recording MP4 file to YouTube, Vimeo, or embed it in your own website for others to see.