Below are some of the common questions asked about Recording features:

Q: What can I record?

To create a recording of a live meeting, click on the Record button in the meeting control bar and then click Start Recording. This will record everything that an attendee would see in your meeting:

  • Screen Sharing
  • PowerPoint and PDF Documents
  • Polls
  • MP4 videos that you play

Q: What type of file is the recording if I download it?

A: The file is an MP4 file. You can play it on any MP4 compatible player.

Q: How long does it take for a recording to finish processing after my meeting?

A: Typically it takes less than 1 hour for your recording to process and be ready to view.

Q:  How do I delete a recording?

A: To permanently delete any of your recordings:

  1. Log in to your account and click on the Recordings tab to view a list of your recordings
  2. Locate the recording you wish to delete and click the Delete link
  3. Confirm your choice by typing the word Delete as instructed and clicking on the Delete Recording button.

Important: this process will permanently delete the recording and cannot be reversed. Recording cannot be retrieved once it's been deleted.

Q: How do I share my recording with others?

A: From the My Meetings page in your Account, click on the Recordings tab to view all of your recordings. Note the Audience URL beside each recording. This is the web address URL that you can share with anyone else. Feel free to send this URL via email, or post it on your website or blog.

Q: How do I password protect my recording?

A: To add a password to your recording so that a password is required to view it, go to Recordings tab. Click Edit Settings on the recording you wish to add a password to. Type in a password to Recording Password field and click Update to save.

Recording Password