This article applies to Webinar plans only.

Public Profile Settings

Your Public Profile allows you to share and promote your upcoming meetings through a variety of tools. To control the contents of your Public Profile, navigate to Account > Public Profile tab:

Public Profile

Public or Private

Select your Privacy Settings - the setting controls whether or not your Public Profile page is active. If your Public Profile is not set to active, it will not be accessible to anyone, including you.

Note: if you would like scheduled webinars to be displayed on your Public Profile you will need to mark them as Public when setting them up.

Website URL

Add Your Website URL - entering the URL of your website here will place a Visit My Website button on your Public Profile.


Add your LinkedIn Profile - to add a LinkedIn profile widget to your Public Profile, enter the public web address here.

Note: your LinkedIn profile will need to be public in order for this feature to work.

Twitter Stream

Add your Twitter Stream - you can add a Twitter stream to your Public Profile page by entering the stream name here.

Personal Information

Add some information about Yourself - describe who you are and why you hold webinars.

Note: the field has a 2000 character limit.

Your Industry

Choose from the drop down to add your Industry.


Add your Interests - the Interests section of your Public Profile allows you to express some of the things that interest you and can be used to inform people about the type of meetings you host.

Note: the field has a 2000 character limit.