Get-OwaMailbox cmdlet gets the information on the Exchange mailbox.

Input parameters


Mandatory (R/O)

Valid Values
1 Authentication Information (all parameters)  


(alias: ResultSize)

int O The number of the returned items (after Offset parameter is specified and processed)

Min value is 1, max - 1000.

If not specified, equals to 100 (the default value).

Value of the parameter ResultSize can be used as Count.

ResultSize This parameter specifies the maximum number of results to return


(aliases: GUID, DistinguishedName, UserPrincipalName, Name)

string O A property that is used for managing the  mailbox

Value of one of these parameters  can be used as Identity:

1 GUID Globally Unique Identifier (ObjectGuid)
2 DistinguishedName Unique name of the object in Active Directory
3 UserPrincipalName Primary Email address (Login)
4 Name Internal name of the AD object


int O A number of the item, starting from which the items should be returned

Min value is 1.

If not specified, equals to 1 (the default value)

Output parameters

#PropertyTypeDescriptionValid Values


DeliverAndForwardMail bool The property specifies the message delivery behavior when a ForwardingAddress is specified
  • True - messages are delivered to the current mailbox and forwarded to the specified recipient;

  • False - messages are forwarded and delivered only to the specified recipient. This is the default value.

The value of this property is meaningful only if ForwardingAddress is configured.

DisplayName string Name of the mailbox in the list of Control Panel  
3 Identity AdObjectIdentityInfo Complex type, contains 3 inner fields: DistinguishedName, GUID, OriginatingServer  
1 DistinguishedName string Unique name of the object(mailbox) in Active Directroy
2 GUID string Globally Unique Identifier (objectGuid)
3 OriginatingServer string Address of the server (domain name), where the object phusically exists
EmailAddresses string [] List of the Email addresses of the mailbox  
ForwardingAddress string A forwarding address for messages that are sent to this mailbox A valid value of this property is a recipient of the company.

Recipients: Exchange, POP/IMAP, OWA mailbox, Distribution List, Contact

The default value is null - no forwarding recipient is configured.

6 HideFromAddressBook bool This property specifies whether this mailbox is visible in the address book
  • True - the mailbox is not visible in the address book.

  • False - the mailbox is visible in the address book. This is the default value.

Example of using Get-OwaMailbox cmdlet

Getting OWA mailbox by EmailAddress:

Get-OwaMailbox -Identity

Getting not more than 5 mailboxes which email addresses start with "john":

Get-OwaMailbox -Identity "john*" -ResultSize 5

Get GUID of an OWA mailbox by EmailAddress :