Cisco Desk Phones provisioned on the Hosted PBX 1.0 platform experiencing an issue where they’d display Checking DNS and never recover.




  1. Connect a computer to the same Local Area Network as the phone. On your computer, open a Web browser and type the phone's IP address in the browser's address bar. You will see the web interface for configuring your phone.
  2. Click Admin Login > Advanced > Ext
  3. For each configured line (tab Ext 1, Ext 2, etc) navigate to Proxy and Registration
    • Use DNS SRV set to No
    • DNS SRV Auto Prefix set to No
    • Proxy Redundancy Method set to Normal
    • Save changes and reboot the phone.




The NAPTR records were removed on the HPBX 1.0 Proxy FQDNs. Cisco desk phones need to be set up to do a simple A record lookup, and not a SRV/NAPTR query.