Intermedia Unite Mobile App allows you to:

  • Place and receive calls
  • Be on the call using Wi-Fi or Cellular Network
  • Manage Active calls - Flip, Hold, Park 
  • Warm/Blind transfer the calls
  • Review Call History
  • Set up Find Me Follow Me Forwarding and forward calls to one or to several numbers in order or simultaneously
  • Check and manage Voicemails
  • Establish Conference calls
  • Work with Mobile Assistant to handle incoming calls with predefined logic

Note: Intermedia Unite Mobile App is not a replacement for your phone and cannot be used
for emergency calling. Calling to 911 number is not allowed.

In this article we will describe:

Install application

    1. Install the application
    2. Log in with your My Services credentials
    3. Accept application prompts for various permissions
      It is necessary to grant those permissions to make application features work correctly.
      Intermedia Unite Mobile Application asks access to:
      · Calendar and GPS permissions – for Mobile Assistant
      · Microphone – for Calls
      · Contacts - for usage of your local contacts in Intermedia Unite Mobile app
      · Notifications – for notifications from the application with new Calls/Voicemails
      · Siri – for Siri voice commands to the app (only for iOS devices)

Start a new call 

You may start a new call by clicking on phone icon near the contact, or navigating to Dial Pad.

In the Dial Pad start entering phone or extension number. Mobile application will search for the results if the contact exists in your contact directory.

Important technical consideration: 

  • For all Android devices currently using connection service (starting from API level 23, Android 6.0) there is currently a possibility to have multiple ongoing calls only from a single application.

  • This specifically means that a user cannot have simultaneous ongoing calls from GSM & Intermedia Unite apps or from multiple 3rd party apps (like Skype & WhatsApp, etc). These limitations are described here:

  • This is the system-level limitation, not related to a specific calling app. For example, GSM call will be forced to end when Intermedia Unite incoming call arrives and is answered.

Options during the active call

  • Mute the microphone
  • Flip the call 
    More information on Call Flip
  • Use keypad 
  • Put the call on speaker
  • Warm/Blind transfer the call
    • Blind transfer allows you to automatically transfer the call to another party without having a conversation with this party. For blind transfer: While on active call press More Button> Choose Transfer Call> Enter the phone number or choose from the Contacts list.
    • Warm transfer allows you to consult with the party to which you are transferring a call before completing the transfer. To proceed with warm transfer: While on active call press + button> Enter the number manually or choose from the list of contacts> Press Call button> You first call meanwhile will be placed on hold> Your second call with Caller 2 will be established> Press more button> Choose Transfer to Caller
  • Swap two calls
    When you are on two calls click swap calls to put on hold active call and return to the second call that was on hold
  • Establish a Conference 
    Press + button> Choose the contact from the list or enter the number manually> Press Call> You will be connected with the Caller 2> Press More> Make Conference. After the Conference is established you can separate the two calls back.
    Note: Maximum number of callers to participate in a conference is 3. In case if you have more than 2 active calls the option Make Conference won't appear under More.


Under the Contacts tab you may:

  • See the list of your Contacts.
    Intermedia Unite Mobile App provides the following types of contacts:
    • Business
      Business contacts are syncing from your Intermedia account Active Directory
    • Local
      Local contacts are synchronized from Contacts directory on your mobile device
    • Personal
      Personal contacts might be added via Intermedia Unite Mobile App
    • Conference Bridges 
      You might add information about your Conference Bridge and it will be stored in the app as a special type of contact 

    Note: You can't add a business contact from your device.
  • Add a personal contact 
  • See the list of Conference bridges by pressing $companyname icon on top
  • Add Conference bridge as a contact. You will need to enter following information: 
    Conf Creation
  • Call the contact by tapping on the contact name
  • Check the information for the contact by tapping the i-sign
  • Add a particular number to Favorites by tapping on star icon next to it: 
    It will show up on top of your contact list on Contacts tab: 
    Favorites in contact list
  • Search a contact using various criteria: name, phone number, e-mail, department, office etc.
    Search on the device happens immediately, results from the server may need time to be downloaded

Installation Note: If you do not want the mobile application to populate with your local contacts you will need to decline the app access during initial installation when prompted. If you wish to do this in retrospect then you must fully uninstall the application and install it again.


History shows the lists of All calls and Missed calls for all devices associated with your account. You can expand the information about the event by tapping the i-sign:


Click on the Voicemail tab to see the list of the voicemails. 

Tap on the Voicemail to get the following options:

  • Listen to voicemail
  • See the voicemail transcription
    Note: the voicemail transcription option should be enabled for the user in order to see the transcription. It may be enabled via Mobile App - My Account - Voicemail

  • Forward Voicemail
  • Forward Voicemail to an email address as an attachment
  • Mark as unread
  • Delete voicemail

My account

Under My account tab, you can modify various settings for Mobile Application and for your Intermedia Unite account as a user. 

  • Settings 
    • Save and synchronize Favorites and Conference bridge contacts on the server
    • Enable logging
  • Find Me Follow Me Forwarding 
    • Allows to forward calls to external numbers if the call wasn't picked up in Intermedia Unite 
    • Choose the order in which phones will be ringing: Sequentially or Simultaneously
    • Add the number(s) to ring. You can add them manually using Add my phone button OR choose from the Contacts list by clicking Forward to another contact button. It may be a contact, hunt group or Auto Attendant 
  • Voicemail
    • Reset Voicemail PIN
    • Change greeting/record custom greeting
    • Enable Voicemail transcriptions
    • Set voicemail Notifications
  • Silent mode
    • Enable/Disable Silent Mode
  • Mobile Assistant
    • Review and manage existing Mobile Assistant rules 
    • Enable/Disable notifications 
    • Enable/Disable Mobile Assistant
  • Send Feedback 
    • Opens default mail client to send us any feedback that you have
  • About
    • Shows you application version and other information about Intermedia Unite Mobile Application 
  • Log Out 
    • Logs you out of the application

Silent mode

Silent mode is the tool for users who don’t want to be disturbed during the night with calls coming to work numbers. Silent mode hides calls that are coming via Intermedia Unite Mobile app:

  • No sound
  • No vibration
  • No screen indication

For a calling person, this will look like no one answered the call. 

Additional information: 

  • It only affects calls that are coming via Intermedia Unite mobile application. Calls coming via cellphone (SIM card) are not affected.
  • It only affects Mobile device where Silent mode was set
  • It Hides calls as if a user doesn’t hear the incoming call
  • No immediate forwarding to Voicemail
  • Doesn’t affect desk phones and other calling devices attached to the same user. 
  • Doesn’t block Follow Me Forwarding rules
  • Doesn’t change Presence indication

History tab shows Silent mode indication if it is enabled. 

Mobile Assistant

Mobile Assistant creates rules with predefined logic for handling incoming calls.
You can enable/disable Mobile Assistant by navigating to My Account > Mobile Assistant (Beta) > Mobile Assistant.
By observing how and when you make and receive phone calls, Mobile Assistant will begin to learn your calling patterns and preferences. 
Rules can be created based on your typical behavior such as:

  • You call specific contact often
    Mobile Assistant adds this contact to Favorites.
  • You decline calls when on a meeting
    Mobile Assistant creates a rule to forward calls to Voice Mail automatically when you have Busy status in Calendar.
  • You decline calls at a specific geographic location
    Mobile Assistant creates a rule to forward calls to Voice Mail automatically when you are at this location.

You can enable notifications to know when Mobile Assistant is creating a new rule, to review a proposed rule with a possibility to Accept/Deny. To enable or disable these notifications please navigate to My Account > Mobile Assistant (Beta) > Notify me when the rule is applied.
Also, you can manage Mobile Assistant rules both accepted and declined, review them later and activate/decline/postpone them if necessary. 


Max Number of Active Calls 4
Max Number of callers to participate in a conference 3

Diagnostic Logs

For troubleshooting purposes, it is necessary to provide logs. To obtain the logs follow the below steps.

  • Select the Settings tab in the App
  • Choose the Settings Option
  • Turn on Logs toggle

After that press, the Home button on the device to put the app in the background then bring the app to the foreground. This will guarantee that the logs started and that they've logged app registration.

Recreate the issue then go to the Settings tab again and select the "Send Feedback" option. The logs will be attached to the email automatically.