Note: some recently created accounts are set up with a subscription model. If the account has been set up after Nov 15, 2019, and there is a subscription tab in the menu, read the Knowledge Base article on Managing Device Rebates In Intermedia Unite for the updated version of this article.

Rebates are individual discounts that can be used on many top-of-the-line devices and can even be redeemed to obtain free devices with certain promotions.

Important: rebate CANNOT be reapplied to another phone if you would decide to replace the one you initially bought even if the phone is still within the return period.

Rebate information

  • Rebates are earned by activating Intermedia Unite Voice Services on a new, or existing User that has not been activated before.
    • 1 Rebate earned per User with voice services activation.
    • Activation of Voice Services occurs when a DID or Phone Number is assigned to the User.
  • Rebates expire after 30 days from the activation of Voice Services on the specified User.
  • You can use rebates on any hardware sold in the product catalog, applying an $85 dollar discount to your purchase. 
    • Depending on the season or promotion, a rebate can also be used to acquire a free VoIP device.
  • Rebates CANNOT be applied after hardware is ordered.
    • Important: We highly recommend you create your users and assign phone numbers to activate voice services before you order VoIP hardware. This will allow you to take advantage of the rebates as they are offered.
  • Disabling Cloud PBX might result in rebate penalties. Prorated repayment of Rebate value is required if service is canceled within 12 months of Rebate use.
  • Rebates are not tied to specific users. For example, if 5 new users are enabled for Hosted PBX, 3 out of 5 received rebates are used to purchase hardware, and subsequently Hosted PBX is disabled for any 2 users, the penalty will not be applied. However, if Hosted PBX is disabled for any 3 users, the penalty will be applied. Creating a new user afterward will generate a new rebate but will not remove the penalty that has already been applied.

Viewing your current rebates

You can see how many Rebates you have available to your account from the product catalog page.

Navigate to Devices > Purchase device to access the product catalog.  Your rebate tally is located at the top of the page.


To get information about rebate history, the status of unused rebates, and possible cancellation penalty, contact Support.

Applying a rebate to an order

On the product catalog, simply click the device cost drop-down to reveal other price options.

  • Using a rebate as a discount will show the discounted price in the drop-down selection.
  • Devices that are eligible as free with a rebate will have a red flag marker on the device image, and your drop-down option will be free with rebate.