You can set up a conference call, while on a call, with a Yealink Desk phone. Just follow the steps below.

To set up a local conference call:

  1. Place a call to the first party.
  2. When the first party answers the call, tap the Conference soft key to place a new call. The active call is placed on hold.
  1. Enter the number of the second party, and then tap the Conference soft key.
    enter number here
  1. When the second party answers the call, tap the Conference soft key again to join all parties in the conference together.
    successful call


 To join two calls in a conference:

  1. Place two calls using two different accounts on the phone (for example, place the first call using account 1, and then place the second call using account 2).
  1. Tap the desired call for conference and ensure that the call is active (for example, tap the call on account 1).
  2. Tap the Conference soft key to join the two calls in the conference on the selected account.


During the conference call, you can do the following actions:

- Press the Hold soft key to place the conference call on hold.

- Tap the Split soft key to split the conference call into two individual calls on hold.

- Tap the X to remove the desired party from the conference call.
tap X

The touch screen prompts “Are you sure to remove XX”.

Tap OK to remove the party.

- Press to mute the conference call, all other participants can hear each other, but they cannot hear you.

- Tap to mute the party. The muted party can hear everyone, but no one can hear the muted party. The icon changes to .

- Tap the End Call soft key to drop the conference call.