This article describes the Call Flip feature for Intermedia Unite. 

Call Flip is an Intermedia Unite feature that allows you to continue the current active call using a different device.

You can currently call flip on the following devices:

  • Devices purchased from the Intermedia Unite Control Panel 
  • Enhanced BYOP devices
  • Intermedia Unite Desktop
  • Intermedia Unite Mobile

General Procedure

Note: the Call Flip Softkey is available for Polycom and Yealink devices.

To flip an active desk phone call to Intermedia Unite Mobile:

  • On the device of your current call, locate the Call Flip softkey (this is generally on the bottom row of soft keys, under the screen, on your device)
  • The call will be placed on hold and immediately start ringing your Intermedia Unite Mobile app; answer to be connected to your call.

To flip an active Intermedia Unite Mobile call to your main device:

  • On Intermedia Unite Mobile, while on a call, click the Call Flip button on the call info page.
  • The call will be placed on hold and immediately start ringing your click to call device; answer the ringing call and continue on with your conversation. 

    Note: when the call is put on hold, no hold music is expected. A brief moment of music on hold can be heard first and then silence as the behavior by design, which is caused by the technical limitation of the implementation of this feature.

Please be aware that once you press Flip button on the phone, the other phone will ring for 20 seconds and, if you don't answer on any of your other phones, the original phone begins ringing, and it will also ring for 20 seconds. If you don't answer the call on the original phone, the call ends.

Note: *w56H Yealink cordless phone does not have a softkey for call flip. The code *44 will not work with our servers. The workaround is to place the call in park (#7) and then pick up the call from another device.

Procedure for Cisco Phones

To successfully complete Call Flip using a Cisco phone, the user needs to execute a blind transfer to their own extension number. This needs to specifically use the BlindXfer soft key which appears on the softkey section at the bottom of the screen. 

Using the Transfer key will cause the call to go to voicemail.


  • If there are multiple calls in progress that need to be flipped, they have to be flipped one by one. It's currently not possible to flip multiple calls simultaneously;
  • Conference calls cannot be flipped and need to be split into separate calls before the call can be flipped.