It is possible to assign idle Line Keys on VoIP phone with specific functions. 

Supported Devices 

Currently we are supporting Line Keys configuration on these phones: 

  • Polycom VVX 300/310/400/410/500/600
  • Cisco SPA303/SPA504G/SPA525G2 
  • Yealink T40P/T41P/T42G/T46G/T48G

Also it is possible to assign functions to Line Keys on these devices: 

  • Polycom VVX Color Expansion Modules
  • Cisco SPA500DS (Applies only to SPA502G / SPA525G2) 
  • Yealink Expansion Modules

Note: All phones must be configured with our configuration server.

It's required to submit a special Form in order to have these Line Keys configured.
To program these buttons please contact Intermedia 

If your phone is not on this list, that means it won't be possible to set up BLF Line Keys or it needs to be manually configured on the phone. 

Important: Yealink T42S/T46S/T48S devices will not pertain the Line Keys changes made on the back-end. Line Keys would need to be manually configured in the WebUI of these phones.

Line Keys Types 

Line Key can be programmed with following Line Types: 

  • Line
    It is the phone's own line, and is used to indicate ongoing (active, held and ringing) calls, as well as to initiate outgoing calls. If there are multiple Line keys set up, ongoing calls will be spread over them and can be switched to with a single key press, putting current active call on hold. 
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
    Displays the current status of another User’s phone, allows remote answering of calls ringing on that User’s phone and acts as a speed dial to that User
  • Speed Dial (SD)
    Provides one-button dialing to another extension or to external number
  • Unregistered Line
    This Line Type will leave the Line Key unprogrammed. It's used when Line Key should be blank

Note: Line 1 is always pre-configured for your default phone line. 

Speed Dial with Park Groups

To use Speed Dial with park groups we program one key as "Park" (code 9000) on phones which might need to park the call, and program one or more keys as "Park 1", "Park 2", etc (code 9001 for first call, 9002 for second, and up to 9004) on phones which might need to retrieve it.

This requires the person who will need to retrieve the call to know a call is parked and what park extension to use to retrieve it though.

Using BLF with Simultaneous Hunt Group

We do not recommend to create BLF Line Keys on multiple phones if you have Simultaneous Hunt Groups in your Auto Attendant. 

Since BLF is used for monitoring other phones, when monitored phone is recieving a call, this call is going on other phones with pre-configured BLF and alerting them as well. With simultaneous Hunt Group incoming call rings phones simultaneously and if each phone has another phone setup with BLF, it creates magnificent amount of connections and a huge load on the network.

It may result in calls or other connections failure, so we do not recommend this setup.