Q: What is the process for upgrading Exchange 2010 and will there be downtime?

A: Intermedia will handle the upgrade to Exchange 2016 on the back end, meaning that for the majority of users it will be a seamless and transparent process with no downtime. Notifications about your upgrade date and what to expect will be sent prior to the start of the upgrade.

Users may be prompted to re-start their Outlook when the upgrade is completed. For most users updated versions of Outlook Web Access (OWA) will be the only noticeable change.

Q: What will I need to do in preparation for the upgrade?

A: Most accounts and users will not have to do anything to prepare for the upgrade unless any of the following apply:

  • You are using Outlook 2007 or older: We will be sending a separate email to the small number of customers and partners that have recently connected with Outlook 2007. This email will provide details on how to upgrade to Outlook 2016 and the date by which you must complete this upgrade.
  • You are not using the most updated version of Outlook 2010: Users will need to update to Outlook 2010 Service Pack 2 in order for their email to continue to function properly after the upgrade to Exchange 2016. You can find all necessary instructions for this update on Microsoft’s support website.
  • You do not have an Autodiscover Record in your DNS: If you do not have Autodiscover or it is not correctly pointing to our Exchange Servers, you will be receiving a separate communication with instructions. Read the Knowledge Base article on What Is An Autodiscover Record And Why Do I Need It? for more information.

  • You are using SEND AS email addresses that are different from a user’s FROM Address: Update your SMTP appliance’s configuration to use the same addresses for SMTP authentication and sending emails or grant the mailbox that is used for SMTP authentication SEND AS permissions to the mailbox which email address is used as the FROM address.

  • You are connecting using Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES): Users that are still using Blackberry Enterprise Service will need to configure their devices to connect via ActiveSync, IMAP or POP. BES is not available on Exchange 2016, this feature and associated charges will be removed when your account is upgraded. New Blackberry devices support ActiveSync.  Notifications with instructions have been sent to accounts that are actively connecting via BES.

Q: Why do I have to upgrade to Exchange 2016? 

A: After an Exchange platform has been around for 10 years, Microsoft will stop supporting it. This means that they stop offering extended support to Intermedia and more importantly it means they stop releasing critical security patches essential to protecting your business against viruses and hackers, making it critical to migrate to a newer platform.

Q: Can I choose not to upgrade?

A: Unfortunately, no. As Intermedia wants to ensure the best experience for our customers, we are proactively upgrading the platform well before Microsoft stops supporting it. 

Q: What if I don’t know how to upgrade my Outlook?

A: Upgrading is simple and easy to do via the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel. Administrators can download Outlook from the HostPilot > Home > Get Started > Downloads. Users can download from My Services > Downloads and Instructions > Download Outlook. For step by step instructions and to learn about the scenarios of upgrading read the following Knowledge Base article How To Upgrade Your Outlook Client.

Q: Do I need to reconfigure my account on a mobile phone?

A: No, there is no impact on ActiveSync devices.

Q: Do I need to make changes to my authenticated SMTP relay devices or clients - such as scanners, printers, web forms, etc.?

A: Yes, you do if any of the following scenarios is used in your configuraion:

  • your device is using port 465 for SMTP send. The port needs to be updated to port 25 or 587 which are supported by Exchange 2016.
  • the email address used for authentication (usually specified in the username or login fields in the settings) differs from the FROM address (usually specified in the Email Address or From fields in the settings). Please either:
    • update your configuration to use the same addresses for SMTP authentication and sending emails;
    • or grant the mailbox that is used for SMTP authentication Send As permissions to the mailbox which email address is used as the FROM address

Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Configure Your Printer, Scanner, Copier, Web Script Or SMTP Application To Work With An Exchange Account for more information.

Q: Will my Public Folders still work in Exchange 2016?

A: Yes, but there will be a period of time that we need to take down Public Folders to migrate them to Exchange 2016. During this time your mailboxes will also be moved and accessible but the Public Folders will remain offline until the migration is completed. You will be notified regarding Public Folder maintenance in advance to plan accordingly.

Q: How will my email experience change with a newer version of Outlook and Exchange?

A: You are likely to experience a number of enhancements with the Exchange and Outlook upgrades. One of the most significant differences is the OWA interface. It has been updated with a more robust feature set, improved look and feel, and optimizations for mobile devices. OWA now more closely resembles the Outlook 2016 look, feel and usability.   

Note: Most people that are already using Outlook 2013 and up, will likely not notice much of a difference in their day-to-day email use.

Q: What about my other services like SharePoint, Lync, Skype for Business, etc.?

A: All other services will remain as they are now. No changes or action required on your part.

Q: What about my pricing, will my bill change?

A: For most customers your bill will remain unchanged or be slightly lower depending on what services you have.

Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

A:  If you have any other questions prior, you can always contact your account manager at +1 800.379.7729.