Intermedia Unite users may use a star code to send a call directly to another extension's voicemail box.

Blind Transfer to Voicemail of an extension:

  1. When on a phone call, press the "Blind Transfer" soft-key. 

    On different phone models this option can be accessed differently:
    • For Polycom, it is usually located after "Transfer" is pressed, where "Blind" option can be seen
      (older models can require to hold "Transfer" key, and choose between "Blind" and "Consultative" options).
    • On Cisco and Yealink phones it is actually a separate soft-key, usually hidden under "More" options. 

  2. Dial *<extension number> and complete the transfer.
    Note: on the Yealink phones * key needs to be pressed twice in order for * symbol to appear.

  3. The caller will then be sent directly to that extension's voicemail.