Using the Receptionist Group Feature on Intermedia Unite

Auto attendants have a built-in Business Hours and After Hours menu. Although for most situations, this is plenty, it is also beneficial to have other group options based on time of day.

This is where the Receptionist Group option comes into play. When creating a receptionist group, this will occur in front of the auto-attendant itself, during its active hours.

For example, if your business hours on your auto-attendant are normally from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday; you can set up a receptionist group to match Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Then, instead of the call path starting with your auto attendant and its greeting, it will ring these receptionist group phones first, then the auto-attendant afterward.

Guided Walkthrough

1. Navigate to Unite > Auto Attendants. Add a receptionist group by clicking on the link next to your Auto Attendant of choice. 

Image 1

2. Set the following:

  • Group name: The name of this group, for use when looking for it on your web portal.
  • Display Name: The name that shows up to you when receiving a caller through this group (e.g.- Display name Test will show up when you receive a call through this group).
  • Ring Time: The amount of time this group will ring before ending.
  • Schedule Type: Set Weekdays, Custom, or 24x7 for this, depending on what you need.
  • Setup: Timeframe that this group will occur. Set a beginning an end, such as 8am to 6pm.

Once finished, click Next.

Image 2

3. Click Add User or Add phone number for external cell and home phone numbers.

Image 3

Select any users you would like to add. Click Create Receptionist group.

You can specify the name for an external number to distinguish them more easily.


Now Your Receptionist group has been created, and you can edit it as needed. You may enable, or disable, this group at will.

Other Information:

As the images show, this will consume an extension number, so be mindful of what that is for your own record-keeping purposes.

The prime advantage of a receptionist group is to have the simple ring-in function to ring multiple phones at one time. For example, if you just want your phones to ring, you can set all the phones in the receptionist group to ring for 30 seconds and then it will go to voicemail set at the auto attendant that occurs afterward.