New Policy features

Editing Large Keywords Lists - when creating a keyword list that exceeds the UI limitation in the Keyword List field on the Edit Keyword screen, an alert message will now instruct how to export and edit the list in a separate text editor (E.g. Notepad). The keyword list, once edited, can be imported into Keyword via the Load a Keyword List option.

Load a keyword list

Security enhancements

SMTP Server Default TLS value change - the default value for all TLS Mode drop-down lists is now changed from Opportunistic to Required.

Additional details about TLS failure in Message Report - more details related to a TLS failure are now captured in the Message Report, allowing administrators to troubleshoot specific issues in an easier way.

Reject unsigned or altered inbound SMIME messages - Email Encryption servers will now reject all inbound altered messages (messages where the attached digital signature does not match the message) and unsigned messages (messages that are not digitally signed). An NDR will be sent in both cases informing the sender why the message was rejected.

New Report options

Ability to search messages by MIME Message ID - Message report now supports search by Message ID. A new option, MIME Message ID, is available in the Search By drop-down list on the report screen. An exact match is required for this search.