The purpose of this article is to show you how to Manage and/or Change the Handset Registration of the Yealink W52 Cordless Phone.

Ordering handsets

  • Your Yealink W52 Cordless Phones are pre-registered with the base station before they are shipped.  There is no need to register the handsets after receiving your first order of a base station and phone(s).
  • You can register up to 5 handsets to one W52 Cordless Phone base station. Each handset can be registered to 4 different base stations.
  • When ordering additional handsets, your new handset will require manual registration with the base station.  Please follow the manual handset registration instructions below for each new handset.

Replacing base or handset

  • If your base station has been replaced you do not need to de-register your handsets before registering them with the new base station, because your handsets can be registered with up to 4 different base stations. To register your handsets to the new base station, follow the manual handset registration instructions for each handset.
  • If your handset has been replaced you must de-register the old handset(s) from the base station before you can register your replacement handset(s). From any functioning handset, follow the de-registration process and repeat for each old handset. When complete, follow the manual handset registration instructions for each replacement handset.

To register a handset manually via the handset:

  1. Long press the Paging key (with Wi-Fi symbol on it) on the base station for about 5 secs.
    The registration LED will start to flash slowly, indicating the base station is in the registration mode.
  2. Press OK on the handset to enter the main menu.
  3. Select  Settings > Registration > Register Handset. The LCD screen displays the list of bases (Base1-Base4).
  4. Press Up or Down to highlight the desired one, and then press the OK soft key. The handset begins to search for the base station.
  5. Press the OK soft key when the LCD screen displays the RFPI - identiļ¬cation code of the base station to which the handset belongs.
  6. Enter the system PIN (default: 9871).
  7. Press the Done soft key. The handset will play a warning tone and prompt Handset Subscribed, which indicates the handset is registered successfully. After successful registration, an internal handset number and handset name appear on the LCD screen.

Note: if handset fails to register, perform a full 2-minute power-cycle on Base and handset by removing Power and Batteries.

To de-register a handset via the handset: 

  1. Press Ok on the handset to enter the main menu.
  2. Select Settings Registration > De-reg. Handset.
  3. Enter the system PIN (default: 0000 or 9871).
  4. Press the Done soft key. 
    The LCD screen displays the names of the handsets registered to the same base stationThe name of the handset itself is highlighted and followed by a left arrow.
  5. Press Up or Down to highlight the desired handset name, and then press the OK soft key.
    The LCD screen will prompt De-register Handset.
  6. Press the Yes soft key to de-register the handset or the No soft key to cancel.

Swapping Handsets with assigned base stations

Please contact Intermedia Cloud Voice Support team for assistance.