Regular mail servers used to send mail from mail clients do not accept mail from scripts and applications, instead a special server should be used. should be specified as the mail relay server in content management systems (SharePoint, FrontPage, DotNetNuke, WordPress, etc.) settings or in scripts directly. This article provides requirements that should be met in order to relay via, its limitations and sample scripts.


  • Message should be sent from website located in Intermedia network
  • The domain name in either From address or all recipient addresses (To, CC and BCC) must be registered on your account with Intermedia
  • Domain in From, To, CC and BCC fields must be globally registered in DNS (we check for A or MX records)


  • 25 MB per message
  • 50 recipients per message
  • 2000 messages per hour. Every recipient counts as a separate message. E.g. 2000 messages can be sent during one hour if there is just one recipient per message. If there are 50 recipients per message only 40 messages can be sent.

Sample scripts