Voice User List provides an easy way of managing and activating multiple Users on Intermedia Unite Voice services.

The users can be in two states:

  • Active User

is a user who has Cloud Voice service enabled and phone number assigned.

  • Inactive User

is a user who doesn't have a primary phone number assigned and PBX services are disabled.



Changes that can be applied to users

Inactive Users

For inactive users  you can:

  • Enable Hosted PBX 
  • Assign location 
  • Assign phone numbers 
  • Assign extensions. 
Note: Users should already be created. If there are no users created, click on Create user button. Or in HostPilot navigate to Users > Create User > create new Cloud PBX users.

Active users

For active users you can:

  • Disable Hosted PBX. It will:
    • Prevent selected users from making and receiving calls.
    • Unassign all phone numbers from the users. Phone numbers will be parked on the account and available for re-assignment.
    • Any unused rebates associated with the users will be permanently deleted. Rebates that have been used will result in a financial penalty being applied to the account.
    • Monthly voice service charges will be removed for the users and will be reflected in the next bill. 

How to manage users

  1. Navigate to Voice Users List by
      • clicking on Voice Services > GeneralManage Users 



      • clicking on Voice Services > Users


  2. Select Active / Inactive users. You may also sort users by location.

  3. Select the required changes:
    • Check/Uncheck Cloud PBX checkbox. 

    • Select Location.


      Note: if you do not have the option to select a location, you need to add additional location first. Navigate to Voice Services > Locations > Add location.
      If you do not select a specific location, the Main location will be assigned automatically. 


    • Select the Primary phone numberPossible options:

        • Choose a number from Unassigned numbers you have under your account. Click on the drop-down and select number from the list. 

        • Auto-assign number option will automatically assign phone number that is not listed on the account. The number will be chosen according to the selected location.

        • Choose new number allows selection from numbers parked under account as well as auto-suggestion of numbers by area code (NPA-NXX) and purchasing of new numbers (both Local and Toll-free).
            • To select from parked numbers, click Choose new number > Select available/unused phone numbers;


        • To add new local or toll-free number (not parked), click Choose new number > Select available/unused phone numbers > Add local numbers/add toll-free numbers;


        • To have new number autoselected by area code, click More optionsAutosuggest per location > select area code.

      Area code

      • Type extension and select it from the drop-down. If you do not select the specific extension, it will be assigned automatically. 
        If you type extension and in the drop-down, you can only see Nothing found message, the extension is already used for another object. Try a different extension. 


  4. Click Proceed. 

  5. Confirm charges

    • You will see the message Users are being configured, please wait. Please refresh the page to check the status.
      Note: you will not be able to edit selected users and phone numbers until the process is completed. 

      This process may take some time, depending on how many users are involved. To check the status click on Refresh link. In progress, notification will disappear once the request is completed. 


      In case there will be error messages, proceed to the next step.

  6. You may see error message # users were not validated. Please, review the errors and try again. 
    You might encounter such errors if:

    1) There are no numbers available for auto-assignment.

        Resolution: If a phone number cannot be auto-assigned because there are no available          numbers for that location, you should park any number and assign it to user. To do so, go to “Choose new number”. Next, add a desired number followed by going back to this user list and assigning the number to the user. ;

    2) The specified number is unavailable.

        Resolution: To fix this problem, select another phone number for the user.

    3) The specified extension is unavailable.

        Resoluton: To fix this problem, select another extension for the user.


    Users that were not configured, will be marked with error sign. To filter out users with errors click on All users > select Users with errors.

    Note: all actions will be rolled-back for users with errors. 

    Try to manage users with errors individually, changing the setup. For example, you may change the option on how the phone number is assigned. If special area code was used initially, try to Get a new number option. 

    If you see error message again, contact Technical Support.