Voicemail transcription will document the spoken words from a voicemail.

It should be enabled in HostPilot for each object: you check an appropriate box.

To receive notifications with the transcription on the email address, options Send notifications via email and Include voicemail transcription also should be checked.

At this moment Voicemail transcription feature is available for the following objects:

  • Company voicemail (Voice services > Settings > Voicemail settings)

  • Hunt group voicemail (Voice services > Groups > click on Hunt group > Voicemail settings)

  • User voicemail (Users > click on User > Cloud PBX > Voicemail)

  • Voicemail Box Resource (Voice services > Resources & Utilities > click on Voicemail box > Voicemail settings).

All information about voicemails can be found in the article Voicemail Types On Intermedia Unite.