Voicemail Box is a separate voicemail box that is not associated with other objects on the account. Voicemail box has it's own extension number and may have a phone number assigned. 

You may forward calls to Voicemail Box from:

  • Auto-attendant menu options or timeout settings
  • Hunt Group menu options or timeout settings
  • Virtual extension
  • User's on General Resource Find me Follow Me settings

We will cover the following topics in this article:

Create new Voicemail Box

  1. Navigate to Unite > Resources & Utilities > click Create.
  2. Choose Voicemail Box and click Proceed.
  3. Assign a Name and Extension number.
  4. Set voicemail PIN
  5. Enter email address for receiving voicemail notifications. 
  6. Set a Location where this Resource will be used.
  7. Click Create voicemail box


Edit settings 

Navigate to Unite > Resources & Utilities > click on the Voicemail Box name.

You can change the following settings on the General tab

  • Update the Name.
  • Change the Extension.
  • Assign a Phone number for direct dialing from other phone providers.
  • Change the Location.
    Note: If you made any adjustments on this tab, make sure you click Save Changes before navigating to a different tab.

You can change the following settings on the Voiсemail settings tab

  1. Upload new voicemail greeting
  2. Reset PIN
  3. Set up Operator number
  4. Change how long messages will be kept on the server before auto-deletion
    Note: Maximum storage for voicemail is 50 Mb regardless of storage time. If the limit is exceeded, no new voicemail messages will be saved. 
  5. Enable voicemail transcription
  6. Change voicemail notification settings:
    • change email address for notifications
    • include voicemail transcription to the email
    • include voicemail file to the email 
    • delete voicemails on server
    • mark voicemail as read after notification sent

  7.  Enable SMS notification

Check Voicemails

There are following options to check the voicemails:

  1. Receive email notifications 

  2. Via the phone on your account. Press * EXT from any phone on your account >  press # when the voicemail greeting begins > enter EXT followed by #enter PIN followed by #. You will access Command Mode.
    1. Press 1 to listen to new voice messages
    2. Press 2 to listen to old messages
    3. Press 3 for personal options - this also allows you to update your voicemail greeting

    You may check all Command Mode options in this article.

  3. Check voicemail via web interface
    Navigate to Unite > Resources & Utilities > click on the Voicemail Box name > navigate to Voicemails tab.

    Check Voicemails

Delete Voicemail Box

  1. Navigate to Unite > Resources & Utilities.
  2. Check the Voicemail Box you wish to delete.
  3. Click Delete.