This article describes how the Intercom functionality can be used on Intermedia Unite platform.

Note: in some guides, this functionality is referred to as Voice Announce.


Unlike the Paging groups, Intercom allows you to have a two-way audio conversation.

In order to start an intercom call, the user will need to dial *90 + target user extension (i.e. *90100 will initiate the intercom call with the user ext 100).

The extension that receives the intercom call will then be able to hear and speak to the initiator via their device's speakerphone.  

Specifications and configuration

  • Note: Intercom will only work for devices that support paging. If the device called does not support paging then a normal call will be established;
  • Call recording doesn't work with the intercom calls;
  • Intercom calls can't be transferred or forwarded;
  • If you intercom a desk phone that is in Do Not Disturb mode, the Intercom acts like a phone call and goes to voicemail;
  • If you use desktop and/or mobile Intermedia Unite app and you put a desk phone into DND, Intercom will not ring at the desk phone but it will ring on the Intermedia Unite apps.
  • If the user has only one device assigned, that device will be considered as their Intercom device;
  • Note: If the user has multiple devices assigned, the device that was added first will be considered an Intercom device;
  • In order to re-assign the Intercom role to another device, the user should dial *91 from the phone which he wants to be used for Intercom in the future;
  • Important: if the *90 does not work the user may not have a device registered for Intercom function and the *91 will need to be issued from the target devices in order to correct this.

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